Paint Protection Film is one of the most popular car paint protection options, and in this video we introduce you to PPF and answer some FAQs including what is PPF? and how is PPF applied?

PPF is a polyurethane film with a very glossy, self-healing, hydrophobic layer which basically protects your car against stone chips, swirl marks, scratches and keeps your car looking it’s absolute best throughout your ownership of the car.

Before installing Paint Protection Film or PPF, we go through an entire decontamination process. We wash the car, we brush out all the panel gaps, we remove any embedded contamination on the exterior surfaces.

We’re lucky at Pyramid Car Care to have our own in-house range of products including snow foams, car shampoo, fallout remover, citrus prewash, and more.

Once the car has been safely washed and fully decontaminated, we bring it inside for a thorough paint inspection – using specialist torches and studio lighting to check for any defects or anything that could hinder the PPF installation and longevity of the PPF.

We install PPF in two primary ways: 1 through pre-cut patterns and 2 using bulk installation techniques.

To begin with we load up our patterning software which features over 3,000 vehicle patterns. These patterns allow us to cut the Paint Protection Film to neatly fit every panel on your car. The reduces the need to cut film on the car, and reduces the risk of damage. The software cuts the same pattern time and time again, ensuring consistent installations across thousands of vehicles.

We offer an industry leading 12 year manufacturer-backed warranty on Paint Protection Film installed at Pyramid Car Care – which for most people will see you through the lifetime ownership of your car. Protecting you against yellowing, cracking, pealing and anything caused by manufacturer defects.

Our team of PPF installers are consistently growing and developing.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re proud to create long lasting relationships with our customers.