Ceramic Coating

Everything you need to know about Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coatings. 

Our Ceramic Coating Products

Premium Ceramic Coating

Premium Ceramic Coating

An unparalleled gloss enhancing Ceramic Coating providing 24 months of 9H protection.

Applications include: Paintwork, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Wheels and Exhuast

50ml, £69.99

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In addition to our Premium Ceramic Coating we’re developing Ceramic Coatings for Glass, Fabric and a trade only professional version for Detailers and valeters.


“Curing time for this coating is only a few hours which is great if you are on a tight timescale. The gloss is superb with an added depth to the paintwork. Pearls and metallic paint really pop with this. Water behaviour is extremely good too.”

Daryl Benfield, Offset Detailing, winner of the UK’s favourite detailer competition reviews our new Premium Ceramic Coating.

Watch the video of Daryl’s application of our Premium Ceramic Coating on a F80 BMW M3 on YouTube

Your questions about Ceramic Coating answered….

Ceramic Coatings create a secondary layer of protection between your paintwork and the elements.

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants our Premium Ceramic Coating bonds with your paint work, filling microscopic gaps and crevices to create a crystal-clear barrier which protects your vehicle from light scratches, swirl marks, environmental factors, pets, little fingers and handbags. Offering 24 months of 9H scratch resistant protection and enhancing gloss levels greatly improve your vehicle’s aesthetics.


Our Premium Ceramic Coating costs £69.99 for 1 x 50ml bottle, suitable for 1 – 2 coatings on 1 vehicle (dependent on size of vehicle). This product is easy to apply and suitable for use by people of all experience levels. If you’re not confident in the application process, we recommend you contact a professional Detailer to ceramic coat your vehicle.

Gone are the days of lengthy application processes and the need for special equipment. A single layer of our Premium Ceramic Coating can be applied by hand using a microfiber applicator pad to a car in less than 60 minutes. We recommend using gloves but otherwise no special equipment is needed, no special lighting and you can apply the coating indoors or outside as long as the vehicle has 4 hours cure time before getting wet.

*It is safe to wet the vehicle after 4 hours, but we recommend an additional 3 days before washing to allow the coating to fully harden.

It takes 4 hours for Premium Ceramic Coating to cure. We advise that you do not get the vehicle wet during this time.

In addition we recommend that you do not wash the vehicle for 3 days after applying the coating to allow it to fully-harden.

A single coat of Premium Ceramic Coating provides 24 months of high-gloss, 9h scratch resistant protection, and unlike many leading Ceramic Coating products requires no maintenance other than washing.

The suggested quantities below are based on 1 x 50ml bottle of Premium Ceramic Coating. These suggestions are designed to be used a guideline. Individual use may vary.

Small car: 2 layers of coating

Medium car: 1.5 layers of coating (i.e. 1 coating all over and a secondary coating on problem areas such as horizontal surfaces and panels near exhaust tip(s) or near wheels)

Large car: 1 layer of coating