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Ceramic Coating Services

We now have our own team of experienced car detailers, PPF installers and car wrappers. Bring your car to our studio in Worcester or speak to us about nationwide vehicle collection and delivery or get a quote from us for a local car detailer.

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New Car Ceramic Coating

Price £650

Keep your car looking new for longer with our new car ceramic coating package (under 1,000 miles).

Includes single stage gloss enhancing polish, 5 year ceramic coating for paint, wheel faces ceramic coated, and glass coating.

Enhance & Protect

Price £690

Ideal for nearly new or well maintained cars with light imperfections.

Includes single stage gloss enhancement, our new lifetime ceramic coating for paintwork, wheel faces ceramic coated and glass coating.


Used Car Transformation

Price £840 (£250 off)

Perfect for older used cars with swirl marks, scratches and marring. 

Includes a basic paint correction to remove 70-90% of swirl marks, light scratches and wash marring, our new lifetime ceramic coating for paint work, wheel faces ceramic coated and glass coating.

Ceramic Coating Products

Do-It-Yourself with affordable Ceramic Coating products formulated for extreme durability and ease-of-use. Our ceramic coatings have been described as “the easiest ceramic paint protection for your car” – WhiteDetails.

Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coatings have been trusted by car detailers across the UK since 2016. Our 2, 3 and 5 year ceramic coatings have proven longevity with lab tests and real world tests to demonstrate their excellent durability. No accreditation required. Training optional (we offer ceramic coating training for anyone getting into ceramic coating and car detailing for the first time).

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Ceramic Coating Installers

1000s of detailers across the UK already use Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings. Find a professional car detailer near you with our easy-to-use detailer directory or bring your car to Pyramid Car Care Worcester.

Ceramic Coating Training

Learn everything you need to know about Ceramic Coating from preparation to application, from our team of experienced car detailers. Our ceramic coating training can be completed 1-2-1 or in a group environment.

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121 Ceramic Coating Training

Please contact for pricing.

Learn the fundamentals skills to prepare and apply ceramic coating to any vehicle in a private 1-2-1 environment, and practice on real cars.

Group Ceramic Coating Training

Please contact for pricing.

Our group ceramic coating training courses are available for every level from beginner to advanced installer.

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Trustpilot Rating 5 Stars

Ceramic Coating on New Cars 2 Years Apart – Great Service!

This is the second time I’ve used Pyramid Car Care to look after a new car with ceramic coating. Booking in way easy, I dropped them a message on WhatsApp and they responded within a few minutes. I drove my new car straight out of the showroom and over to them and picked it up glossy and shiny, really blown away at the difference. Highly recommend them, booking in with them when I get a new car is the new must do for me.

Dan Woodhouse, verified customer

Trustpilot Rating 5 Stars

A breeze to apply…

First time ever using a ceramic coating. Was abit nervous about the whole process as it was a DIY job from myself.

Was a breeze to apply and buff off following the simple instructions on the box.

First wash today since applying and must say the car seemed to look cleaner for longer and made washing the car even easier, especially drying!

Ed, verified customer

Trustpilot Rating 5 Stars

The whole range of ceramic coatings is super easy to use…

Great coatings, really impressive with excellent gloss levels.

The whole range of ceramic coatings is super easy to use, even outside thanks to its fast curing characteristics.

We have been using PCC’s Premium Ceramic Coating for long enough to know that the claims of longevity for their ceramic coatings are spot on

AJ, Auto Mobile Valet, Verified Customer

Your questions about Ceramic Coating answered…

What is ceramic coating and how does it protect my car?

Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings are designed to offer complete surface protection for your car, from the exterior paint work to the inner wheel barrel, and everything in between.

Ceramic coating works by creating a crystal clear protective layer on virtually any surface area of your car. Just nanometers thick, ceramic coating creates a smooth-to-touch surface that repels water, dirt and other contaminants that might otherwise stick to your car’s surfaces. This water-repellency (or hydrophobicity) helps to keep your car clean and makes maintenance easier as well as offering UV protection against dulling and fading.

We always recommend applying Ceramic Coating after machine polishing work, to get your paintwork and plastic trims near perfect, and then locking in that new-car-look with a ceramic coatings that last up to 5 years, dependent on which product you choose.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

There are a wide range of benefits to ceramic coating including:

  • Protects against UV damage, oxidation and environmental contaminants
  • Resists scratches and swirl marks
  • Enhances the gloss of your paint finish
  • Reduces dirt adhesion to make washing easier
  • Provides a hydrophobic layer that repels water for a long lasting shine
  • Leaves the paintwork smooth to touch

In addition to the benefits you can see and feel there are emotional benefits to having your car ceramic coated to:

  • Feel proud driving around in your newly ceramic coated car.
  • Get compliments from friends about how great your car looks.
  • Enjoy seeing the same glossy finish on your car years after ceramic coating was applied.

What is Ceramic Coating made of and why?

The active ingredient in Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings (Ceramic Coating Pro, Ceramic Coating New Era and Ceramic Coating Premium) is SiO2. SiO2 (silicon dioxide, otherwise known as silica) is one of the most widely used compounds in Ceramic Coatings and there’s good reason for that – it works!

SiO2 coatings have a tight-knit chemical structure which provide an impermeable layer that repels liquids, prevents oxidisation, protects against chemicals and UV rays. Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings are formulated to chemically bond with a car’s surfaces and to provide a 9h hardness. Additionally, SiO2 offers extreme heat resistance making it perfect for automotive applications.

Other compounds exist including SiC and Graphene, however SiC has a lower hardness rating making it more susceptible to light scratches and swirl marks and graphene is less widely available and more expensive due to the mining process required to source it.

When should I use Ceramic Coating?

Interest in Ceramic Coating has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, replacing wax and sealants as the #1 product of choice for paint protection.

As you can see in the chart below, interest in Ceramic Coating really began to grow in 2017 but it was only recently in 2022 and 2023 that ceramic coating overtook car waxes as the most commonly searched paint protection product for cars.

How should I apply Ceramic Coating?

Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings are design for ease of use, and have been described as “the easiest ceramic paint protection for your car” by WhiteDetails on YouTube.

If you can afford to book your car in with a professional – it’s always best to get an experienced ceramic coating installer or car detailer on the job.

If you would prefer to Do-It-Yourself see the guide below. If you need further assistance we offer Ceramic Coating Training, and we’re never further than a phonecall away if you need support on 01905 382690.

What you’ll need:

  • 50ml of Ceramic Coating (is usually enough for small, medium and large cars, more coating may be needed for larger vehicles)
  • 1 x Ceramic Coating Applicator (included free with every purchase at pyramidcarcare.co.uk)
  • 1 x pair of nitrile gloves
  • 2 x microfibre cloths

Before application:

  1. Before application wash and dry surfaces
  2. Before application ensure the paintwork is fully decontaminated and if paint correction is required, complete this prior to application
  3. Before application prepare the surface by wiping over with IPA or Panel Wipe to ensure best adhesion

Apply Ceramic Coating by hand in 15-20 minutes (once your vehicle is prepared), with a ceramic coating applicator.

  1. Pour 3-6 drops of ceramic coating on your applicator
  2. Working on one panel at a time, apply the ceramic coating using the ceramic coating applicator in small section, following a cross-hatch pattern
  3. Wait for the ceramic coating to flash and the oil slick pattern to stop moving (note: flash times vary per product, see packaging or product page for more info)
  4. Wipe away any excess residue using the 1st clean microfibre cloth
  5. Buff the section with the 2nd clean microfibre cloth, ensuring that all residue has been removed, and no patches or high spots remain
  6. Follow steps 1-5 through each panel of the car until the entire car is coated

The ceramic coating will dry within 20-30 minutes, you should not get the vehicle wet during this period, you should not drive the vehicle and you should not use any other chemicals on or near the car.

Over the next 4 hours the coating will cure. Once the first 4 hours is complete, it is safe to drive the car and get the car wet. However you should avoid any contact with chemical for up to 3 days to allow the ceramic coating to fully harden to 9h.

How much Ceramic Coating do I need for my car?

Pyramid Car Care ceramic coating cover approx. 115 sq feet per 50ml. Our suggested quantities based on vehicle size are as follows:

Small car – upto 2 layers

Medium car – 1 and a half layers

Large car – 1 layer

Motorcycle – 1-2 layers

Our Ceramic Coatings can also be applied to motorhomes, trucks, trailers, fire engines and other large vehicles. Please contact us to calculate how much product you need, and bulk quantities.

We do not recommend or advise that you stretch coverage or try to get more layers or vehicles than advised above (per 50ml) as this can lead to reduced performance and some panels performing differently to others.


What can Ceramic Coating be applied to?

Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings are versatile coatings that can be applied to a wide range of vehicles and surfaces.

Some of the most common surfaces that ceramic coatings can be applied to include:

  1. Automotive paint: Ceramic coatings are commonly used on the exterior of cars to protect the paint and provide a high-gloss finish.
  2. Wheels and rims: Ceramic coatings can also be applied to wheels and rims to protect them from dirt, brake dust, and other contaminants.
  3. Glass: Ceramic coatings can be applied to the exterior of windows and windshields to repel water and improve visibility.
  4. Metal surfaces: Ceramic coatings can be used on metal surfaces such as exhaust systems, engine components, and headers to provide protection against heat and corrosion.
  5. Commercial vehicles: ceramic coating can be used to protect commercial vehicles such as lorries, buses, trucks and trailers from the wear and tear of daily use and 1000s of miles of motorway driving.
  6. Boats: Ceramic coatings can be applied to the hulls of boats to protect against saltwater, sun damage, and other environmental factors.
  7. Aviation: ceramic coatings can be applied to aircraft to protect against extreme climates and improve aerodynamics by reducing drag.
  8. Kitchen and bathroom surfaces: Ceramic coatings can be used on surfaces such as countertops, backsplashes, and shower walls to provide a durable, water-resistant finish.
  9. Electronic devices: Ceramic coatings can be applied to electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets to protect against scratches and damage.

Overall, ceramic coatings can be applied to any surface that requires protection against the elements and wear and tear.


What is the best ceramic coating?

There is no single “best” ceramic coating as different coatings may work better for different applications and preferences.

Obviously our favourites are Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings:

  • Ceramic Coating Pro – upto 5 years protection
  • Ceramic Coating New Era – upto 3 years protection
  • Ceramic Coating Premium – upto 2 years protection
  • Carbon Glass Coating – for 12 months protection on windscreens
  • Ceramic Wax – upto 6 months protection for paintwork and plastic

There are other respectable ceramic coating brands including:

  • Gtechniq
  • Ceramic Pro
  • CarPro
  • Feynlab Ceramic Coatings
  • IGL Coatings
  • Avalon King
  • Kamikaze Collection
  • System X
  • Optimum
  • Nanolex
  • Migliore
  • Sonax
  • Armor Shield IX
  • Koch Chemie
  • Adam’s Polishes
  • McKee’s 37
  • Auto Finesse Caramics

It is important to note that the quality and performance of a ceramic coating can vary depending on the specific product and application process. Therefore, it is recommended to do research and consult with a professional to determine the best ceramic coating for your specific needs and application.

Since you’re already on pyramidcarcare.co.uk the best place to buy ceramic coatings is pyramidcarcare.co.uk/shop but incase you’re looking for an alternative supplier, we recommend Ultimate Finish and My Car Cleaning.

Ultimate Finish – theultimatefinish.co.uk, call 01474 360360 or email sales@theultimatefinish.co.uk

“We are one of the UK’s leading independent, family run providers of high-quality car detailing products, dedicated to helping car owners keep their vehicles looking their best. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering outstanding results and exceptional customer service.”

My Car Cleaning – mycarcleaning.co.uk, call 0191 486 2434 or email support@mycarcleaning.co.uk

“My Car Cleaning aims to provide premium quality Car Care & Detailing Products to ensure you can keep your car in the best condition possible!”

How much does Ceramic Coating cost?

The cost of ceramic coating varies depending on whether you’re Doing-It-Yourself or having it done for you by a professional car detailer or ceramic coating installer.

Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings are available to trade and public and the prices of our ceramic coating are as follows:

  • Ceramic Coating Pro £99.99
  • Ceramic Coating New Era £79.99
  • Ceramic Coating Premium £59.99

Trade customers could be eligible for 25% off with regular purchases.

If you’re looking to have Ceramic Coating installed for you by a professional there are a few choices:

  1. Car Detailers
  2. Car Valeters
  3. Car Dealerships

The cost of the Ceramic Coating application is usually inexpensive, the biggest cost comes from polishing the car. Depending on the age and condition of the car’s paintwork, this can vary from £300 to over £1,000 and can take anywhere from 1 day to 5 days.

At Pyramid Car Care Worcester we have 3 popular packages that give you an indication on pricing:

  1. New Car Protection Package – includes 5 year ceramic coating for paintwork and wheels, glass coating and interior coating, priced at £550
  2. Enhance and Protect package for used cars – includes single stage gloss enhancing polish and 3 year ceramic coating, priced at £680
  3. Used Car Transformation Package for used cars – includes multi stage basic paint correction, 5 year ceramic coating for paintwork and glass coating, priced at £1,000