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Car valeting packages

Choose from our interior, exterior or deep clean packages or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll work with you to design a bespoke package for a single car or book more than one car to get a multi-car discount.

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car shampoo for valeting Porsche 911 in Worcester

Exterior valeting

From £80

Interior Cleaner for car valeting services

Interior valeting

From £80

car valeting

Deep clean

From £160

Upgrade your car’s aesthetics

Upgrade your car’s aesthetics with extras from our car detailing services list including car polishing, ceramic coating and PPF.

Restore your car’s paintwork and plastics with a car polishing package, to bring out your car’s best colour. Then protect the paintwork with a ceramic coating or paint protection film. There’s no beating Paint Protection Film (PPF) for protection against stone chips and scratches. Plus our PPF lasts 10 years, has heat activated self healing properties, is extremely hydrophobic and is installed by trained and experienced PPF installers. Ceramic coating is a more affordable option for paint protection, choose from 2, 3 or 5 years protection against light scratches and swirl marks. Our ceramic coating provide a sacrificial protective layer, that enhances a car’s gloss and creates a hydrophobic barrier that helps to keep your car cleaner for longer and makes maintenance easier.

car polishing

Car Polishing

From £300


Ceramic Coating

From £150

Paint Protection Film PPF and Car Detailing in Worcester

Paint Protection Film

From £1,300

Optional extras

Make your car(s) shine with optional extras 

Wheel Protection

Glass Protection

Fabric and Leather Protection

Alloy Repair

Glass Tinting

Leather Repair

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Meet The Detailers

New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

Hello, I’m Ry!

Detailing became an obsession for me in 2008, before it was the force it is today, using my dads old Autoglym products on my first car and seeing it shine made me enjoy driving it more. I have and continue to watch hours of detailing tutorials on YouTube by professional detailers like White Details, The Detail Geek and more.

I’ve been detailing cars for over 10 years now and In 2016 I founded Pyramid Car Care. The business started with a range of car detailing products including car shampoo and snow foam, and has grown to include ceramic coatings and waxes which are trusted by professional detailers throughout the UK and Europe. Since founding Pyramid Car Care I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the UK’s favourite detailers, collaborating, sharing tips and developing my experience as a detailer along the way.

In 2020 I launched Detailed By Ry professional car detailing services at our new detailing centre based in Spetchley, Worcester – just 5 minutes from Junction 6 of the M5.

New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

Hello, I’m Dan!

After 11 years in dealerships and the automotive trade, I joined the family business to grow Pyramid Car Care in Worcester. I started my career in dealerships in 2010 as a car valeter where I first learnt the trade, and then worked my way up the ranks to assistant manager.

My favourite request so far has been “mint it” from the owner of a 25 year old MG (nearly as old as me!)

“I’ve had 3 different cars detailed by Pyramid. I’m well pleased with the results on all of them. This is my 25 year old MG which got a lot of attention at a recent MG meet followed it’s visit to Pyramid” – Paul Sharpe

Full list of Car Detailing Prices

Car Detailing ServicesCar Detailing Prices
Enhancement Detail (single stage polish)From £360
Basic Paint CorrectionFrom £700
Advanced Paint CorrectionFrom £960
Ceramic Coating (2 year)From £120
Ceramic Coating (3 year)From £180
Ceramic Coating (5 year)From £240
Glass CoatingFrom £60
Interior Deep Clean & ProtectionFrom £150
Engine Bay Clean and DressedFrom £120
Calliper PaintingFrom £180
Fabric Roof ProtectionFrom £150
Wheels Off Ceramic CoatingFrom £150
Wheels On Ceramic Coating for wheel facesFrom £80
Wheeluv Alloy Wheel ProtectorsFrom £180
Paint Protection Film (PPF) – Front End PackagesFrom £1,800
Paint Protection Film (PPF) – Full Car PackageFrom £4,000
Wheel RefurbishmentFrom £85 per wheel
Maintenance Wash (monthly or bi-monthly)From £80

FAQs about car valeting

What’s the difference between car valeting and detailing?

The most noticeable difference between car valeting and car detailing is price. There are a number of factors that influence the cost of car valeting and detailing which include:

  • Time – car detailing services can take anywhere between 1 day and 5 days where as most car valeting services are completed in 1 day or less
  • Products and equipment – detailers typically use a wider range of products and equipment including electric polishing equipment and ceramic coatings
  • Premises – valeters are more likely to be mobile or work outdoors, whereas detailers usually occupy a unit or studio where they complete their services

Another key difference between valeting and detailing, is that valeting services primarily focus on cleaning whereas detailing services primarily focus on car polishing (to enhance or correct paint defects such as light scratches and swirl marks) and paint protection. However there is a lot of crossover, and many valeters today now offer ceramic coating and polishing packages.

How long does car valeting take?

Car valeting services are usually completed same day. Some upgrades may take longer such as car polishing, ceramic coating and PPF.

If you’re interested in finding out more about times, valeting prices and what we can do for your car(s) call 01905 382690 or email

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