Dyno Power Run Days in Worcestershire | The Vehicle Doctor

At Pyramid Car Care, we're always collaborating with businesses that resonate with our passion for automotive, which is why we're delighted to share the upcoming Dyno Power Run Days at The Vehicle Doctor, car [...]

The Gumball 3000 X Piston | Hill Climb | 15th June 2024

Pyramid Car Care are pleased to announce, we are official partners of The Gumball 3000 X Piston 'The Hill Climb' Event 2024. The event will take place at the oldest motorsport venue in Europe, [...]

Best Marketing Channels to Generate Leads for Car Detailers

One of the main challenges that car detailing business owners face is deciding where to focus their marketing efforts. There are several different options including optimising a website for organic search engines (e.g. Google [...]

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Success Story: Pyramid Car Care helps Marsh Detailing rise from the ashes

Introduction Every business faces its own set of challenges, but the unexpected devastation that Ben of Marsh Detailing faced is the kind of eventuality that most can't imagine. However, when one community member falls, [...]

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Success Story: New Heights for Summit Details (

Summit Details reaches new heights, creating a second job and expanding their detailing team to cope with demand from luxury dealerships and car owners in West Sussex.  Background: in 2022 we rebuilt, setup [...]

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Top Marketing Channels for Detailing Businesses in 2023 | UK & Ireland

By Callum Davies, Marketing Director at Pyramid Car Care and Driven Marketing Agency - automotive marketing. Ever wondered if you should be advertising? Whether to use Facebook or Google Ads? How to get started [...]

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Urable: The #1 CRM App for Detailers, Valeters, PPF Installers and Wrappers

We've been using Urable as a CRM system at Pyramid Car Care since 2021 when we had 1 team member, we now have multiple team members and multiple locations - simply, we wouldn't be [...]

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