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Important: our original 1L plastic bottle is unavailable due to supply issues. The bottle will be replaced with an alternative.

The Pyramid Car Care Hydro Cannon Snow Foam Lance is the ultimate option for applying snow foam during the pre-wash stage, or shampoo when contact-washing. It has a 5-way adjustable spray pattern, wide mouth for easy refilling, and a sturdy, transparent reservoir bottle. Every aspect of our Hydro Cannon has been carefully thought out and tested to ensure it delivers the best snow foaming experience.

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Key Features

  • 5-Way Adjustable Spray Pattern: horizontal fan, vertical fan, jet, downwards fan, and conical
  • Adjustable Foam Dial: to control the level of foam and alter the consistency/ dilution
  • Wide Bottle Mouth: for easy refilling and emptying
  • Clear Measurements: 100mL graduations on the transparent bottle for easy diluting
  • Sturdy Design: high-quality components are used to ensure great build-quality

How to Use the Hydro Cannon

  • Fill the reservoir bottle with snow foam and water (using the recommended dilution)
  • Screw the 5-way adjustable foam head onto the reservoir bottle
  • Adjust your foam ratio with the dial on top of the cannon
  • Twist at the front to choose your desired foam pattern
  • Use the quick connector to attach the foam lance to the pressure washer gun
  • Pull the trigger on your pressure washer gun and apply the foam

Pro Tip

Once you have finished using your Hydro Cannon for the day, fill the reservoir bottle with clean water and attach it to the pressure washer gun. Run the lance for about 10-15 seconds to flush clean water through the system and remove any product residue. This helps prevent the filter from clogging and keeps it performing to its maximum potential.

Why Choose Pyramid Car Care’s Hydro Cannon Foam Lance?

The Pyramid Car Care Hydro Cannon takes snow foaming to the next level with its rotary selector which allows you to choose from 5 different spray patterns and easily switch between them on-the-go for maximum convenience.

Careful thought has gone into the reservoir design and we’ve opted for a wide-mouth bottle to make refilling the lance a breeze. Even if you’re using 5L bottles of snow foam you don’t need to worry about spilling it all down the sides of the lance! There are also very clear 100mL markings on the side of the transparent bottle to make diluting chemicals nice and easy without having to use separate measuring tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use the different spray patterns for?

Our Hydro Cannon allows you to switch between 5 different spray patterns, here’s what we recommend they’re used for:

  • Vertical Fan: great for covering vertical panels e.g. doors
  • Horizontal Fan: ideal for flat panels e.g. bonnets
  • Jet: provides a focused stream for hard-to-reach areas e.g. wheel arches
  • Down: angles the horizontal fan downwards, ideal for covering the roof on a large SUV
  • Conical: perfect for covering wheels

What fitting does the Hydro Cannon come with?

It comes with a 1/4″ M Quick Connect Adaptor making it suitable for most aftermarket pressure washer guns. Please check the fitting on your pressure washer gun before placing your order to make sure it is compatible.

Which snow foam should I use?

Our Hydro Foam pre-wash snow foam is a perfect option to pair with our Hydro Cannon. It offers excellent cleaning power and is safe on protective coatings.

4 reviews for New: Hydro Cannon Foam Lance

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    Brilliant Snow Foam Cannon, love the rotary selector so much easier to use!

  2. KYLE LETSON (verified owner)

    Most foams cannons out there at the minute are all pretty much the same but this one definatley stands out from the crowd! It gives a good coverage of foam, the 5 way nozzle is pretty class.
    Its so good i have got more than 1!
    As for they’re hydro foam, well it passes the test. I tried it on my own coated car which hadn’t been washed for around 2months as i was waiting on the product to be released during pre-order and it stripped away the dirt with ease.
    Nice 1 guys, very good products indeed 👍👏

  3. Ben Marsh (verified owner)

    I’ve gone through some snow foam cannons in my time but NOTHING compares to this. Genuinely one of the best on the market to date.

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    Top quality foam cannon! Pre ordered and didn’t disappoint!

    Love the 5 way nozzle!

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