Hello, we’re Pyramid Car Care

Whether you’re a professional detailer, weekend warrior, enthusiast or someone looking for car detailing services you’ve come to the right place!

In 2016 we started Pyramid Car Care with the vision of creating easy to use car detailing products, with first class help and support whilst building a community of like minded people.

We’re available 7 days a week to help and support our customers, professional or enthusiast.

Car Detailing Products - Ceramic Coatings

Car Detailing Products

Trusted by car detailing professionals and ethusiasts alike

In 2016 we launched our Original Range including Car Shampoo, Snow Foam, Fallout Remover and more.

2 years later we launched our first Ceramic Coating, and then in 2019 we launched the full ceramic range including Ceramic Coating Premium, Ceramic Coating Pro and Ceramic Wax.

in 2021 we will be releasing a brand new Carbon Glass Coating.

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Car Detailing Services

Safe washing, car polishing and ceramic coating.

In 2020 we launched car detailing services in Worcester at our brand new facility in Spetchley, Worcester.

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Car Detailing Services
RyFounder, Managing Director & Ginger
(If you are taking the time to read this about me, I can only assume you have read Callum’s and it bored you within an inch of your life!)

I have been obsessed with detailing for years, well before it become the force it has today, using my dads old Autoglym products on my first car and seeing it shine made me enjoy driving it (even if it was a shed!). There is no better feeling than getting into a clean car, it just makes the experience that much better!

The bug really caught hold of me when I brought an MX5, even through all the hairdresser jokes, I maintain that is was one of the best cars I have ever owned. However, It was black and looked like the previous owner had washed it using a brick. I did some research online and brought my first machine polisher, a twin head contraption by auto smart. When I saw the results just from a small test on the boot-lid I was hooked and it really spiralled out of control from there! Over the years I have used far too many products and a lot of the time have been disappointed with the results. That’s where the idea of starting Pyramid Car Care came from.

The first few months were an absolute whirlwind. We started with a name and an idea. That’s when the fun began! We were juggling product testing, brand development, desiring logos and labels, and building a new website.

After hours and hours of work, long nights and even longer weekends the first batch of products were ready. Great you’re thinking. No. They looked crap. The labels were poorly printed and the bottles were just not right for the brand. Disappointing, but it showed us where to improve. We made the changes and go the products ready to launch, and that explains how we’ve got to where we are. With a close eye on the details, constant re-iteration and improving daily.

CallumFounder & Director
More information coming soon

The UK’s Favourite Detailer

In 2018 we started The UK’s Favourite Detailer competition. 

When we started the competition, our aim was to bring the UK’s detailing communities together to celebrate the very best in British detailing talent. Lifting those at the top of their game to new heights.

Now in it’s 3rd year, we’re planning to take it to another level. Watch this space.


Offset Detailing, 2018 (pictured)

Valet Nova, 2019

Meet The Detailers

In 2019 we began a series of interviews, called Meet The Detailers.

The series was temporarily put on hold after the birth of Ry’s first child, but there are more episodes coming soon.