STEK Automotive Paint Protection Film

We’re proud to install STEK Automotive world-class Paint Protection Film in the UK.

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We have access to the full range of STEK Automotive protective films including their world-class best selling DYNOshield. Call our team on 01905 382690 or visit our PPF studio at Pyramid Car Care.

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World-Class Paint Protection Films

Founded in 1977, STEK has over 45 years in the film protection market. With early successes providing OEM solutions to Hyundai, Toyota, and other auto manufacturers STEK recognized the market potential for consumer-oriented paint protection products and has been identified as one of the largest paint protection film suppliers in the world.

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STEK Automotive Protective Films

150+ cars are protected with STEK Automotive PPF worldwide – take a look at this list of some of the latest STEK Automotive products available in the UK for your car including transparent PPF, colour PPF, carbon PPF, Chrome PPF and more!

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Unrivaled Matte Finish Protection


Color-shifting metallic PPF

Carbon PPF

Forged Carbon PPF

Damascus Black PPF

Chrome Blue PPF

Chrome Black PPF

Chrome Black Matte PPF

Black Gloss PPF

Black Matte PPF

White Pearl PPF

British Racing Green PPF

Miami Blue PPF


Watch: Introduction to PPF

Watch our introduction to Paint Protection Film with founder, and head PPF installer Ry Tombs. In this short interview about Paint Protection Film Ry covers everything from types of film, installation process, our cutting-edge technology and why you should choose PPF for your car’s paint protection.