Paint Protection Film

PPF is your car’s #1 defender against chips and scratches.

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We have packages for every budget from full car coverage to a fusion of PPF and ceramic coating for a more affordable option. Call our team on 01905 382690 or visit our PPF team at Pyramid Car Care.

“Excellent service, needed a PPF product for Matt paint. Ry and the team not only knocked that out of the park but managed to slot it in amongst other work too so it was all protected only a week after we picked the car up from the dealer! Book now, you won’t be disappointed”

Marc Garfield, Mar 31, 2023

PPF Packages

Our most popular packages and prices for protecting your car with Paint Protection Film (PPF).

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Front End PPF

Price £1500

2 days

Paint protection film coverage: front bumper, bonnet, wings and headlights.

Extended Front End PPF

Price  £2200

3 Days

Paint protection film coverage: front end plus side skirts and partial rear arch

Full Car PPF

Prices from £3500

3-5 days

Paint protection film coverage: for all external painted services

Watch: Introduction to PPF

Watch our introduction to Paint Protection Film with founder, and head PPF installer Ry Tombs. In this short interview about Paint Protection Film Ry covers everything from types of film, installation process, our cutting-edge technology and why you should choose PPF for your car’s paint protection.

Why choose Paint Protection Film?

PPF Glossy

High-Gloss Finish

PPF Hydrophobic


PPF Self Healing


PPF Stain Resistant

Stain Resistant

PPF Damage Resistant

Damage Resistance

Paint Protection Film for every style

Choose from a huge range of Paint Protection Films to suit your individual style including transparent, satin, matte, colour, pattern and chrome PPF.

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Transparent PPF

Matte PPF / Satin PPF

Colour Shift PPF

Carbon PPF

Forged Carbon PPF

Damascus Black PPF

Chrome Blue PPF

Chrome Black PPF

Chrome Black Matte PPF

Black Gloss PPF

Black Matte PPF

White Pearl PPF

British Racing Green PPF

Miami Blue PPF


STEK Paint Protection Film.

We’re proud to install Stek Automotive’s world-class paint protection film. STEK Automotive lead the industry with innovative manufacturing technologies. Their proprietary solutions are derived from comprehensive understanding of films, adhesives, and topcoats, supported by unprecedented investment in R&D.

STEK DYNOshield Paint Protection Film

Clear gloss paint protection film

STEK DYNOmatt Paint Protection Film

A smooth matte finish in black or transparent matte film. 

STEK DYNOprism Paint Protection Film

Unique two-tone pearl metallic finish

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Paint Protection Film (PPF) for cars is the most effective way to protect your paintwork against stone chips, scratches, swirl marks, dulling, fading, harsh weather, bird lime and more!

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Meet The Team

Pyramid Car Care has been around since 2016. Our detailing studio in Worcester opened in 2021 with 1 full time staff member – Since then we’ve grown into a team of 7 with PPF installers, detailers and sales and marketing staff.

Car Detailer - Ry Tombs - Pyramid Car Care Worcester

Ry, Co-Founder & Head PPF Installer

Car Detailer - Dan Tombs - Pyramid Car Care Worcester

Dan, General Manager & PPF Installer

Alec, Senior PPF Installer

Nick, Car Detailer & PPF Assistant

Darren, Senior Car Detailer

James, Marketing Manager

Callum, Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Helpful Info & Advice.

We’ve produced a range of articles, guides and other helpful content to help you choose the right paint protection product for your car, and how to maintain it once it’s installed.

Guide: PPF maintenance

Video: how to install PPF

FAQs about Paint Protection Film / PPF

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is the most effective way to protect your paintwork. PPF is made of polyurethane or urethane film, a relatively thick, durable and transparent film applied to a car’s paintwork, and high impact areas, designed to protect against scratches, swirl marks, stonechips, abrasion, UV degradation, chemicals, harsh weather and other general wear and tear.

Paint Protection Film is often referred to as PPF, clear bra, clear film, car film and paint film.

PPF was originally designed for military applications such as protecting the rotary blades of helicopters in Vietnam from shrapnel and debris. Today, PPF is more commonly found in the automotive market to protect new and used cars. PPF is also used on motorcycles, caravans, mobile homes, aeroplanes, helicopters, boats, mobile phone screens and hundreds of other applications.

Which PPF manufacturer do you use?

We have partnered with Stek Automotive, one of the US’s leading PPF manufacturers, to install Stek Paint Protection Film throughout the West Midlands.

This gives us complete access to Stek’s award winning paint protection film range including DYNOshield, DYNOmatte, DYNOlite, and loads more.

What type of PPF is available?

There are many different types of Paint Protection Film available, we are now using PPF manufactured by Stek Automotive in the United States. Many customers ask us about Xpel PPF, in our opinion Stek provides superior clarity, a more hydrophobic top coat and longer warranty.

We’re proud to be able to supply the following types of PPF:

  • Clear film
  • Matte film
  • Chrome film
  • Pattern film (including carbon, damascus, forged and camo film)
  • Colour film
  • Window film
  • Windscreen film
  • Headlight film (including clear and tinted)

For more information on different types of paint protection film, contact our ppf installation team in Worcester on 01905 382690.

Pros and Cons of paint protection film

PPF Pros

  • Unrivalled paint and surface protection
  • Up to 10 years protection
  • Self-healing (heat activated)
  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • Hydrophobicity similar to most waxes and ceramic coatings

PPF Cons

  • PPF is one of the most expensive paint protection products
  • Not suitable for DIY/enthusiasts
  • Training is required to fit and remove paint protection film
  • Specialist equipment required for application
  • Extremely clean and dust-free environment is recommended for application to reduce the risk of catching dust, fibres and other contaminants under the surface of the PPF

Paint protection film or ceramic coating

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the most effective protection product on the market, but it comes with a price tag to match. Prices start from £1,300 for a front end application or £2,500 for full coverage installed by a professional. Whereas Ceramic Coating can be applied by a car detailer from as little as £300.

Ceramic coatings like Premium Ceramic Coating can be used as a DIY product, with professional training, whereas professional training is required to installed PPF.

Most ceramic coatings last from 2 to 5 years, Ceramic Coating Pro is on of our most hardwearing protective coatings and lasts for 5+ years with proper maintenance. Whereas most Paint Protection Films will last up to 10 years.

Once a car is prepared, Ceramic Coating can be applied to a whole car within 1 hour, whereas PPF may take 1-2 days or longer, depending on the film manufacturer, size and design of the vehicle (more lines and intricate areas – more time).

Some ceramic coatings such as Premium Ceramic Coating and New Era can be applied on top of PPF, to give the surface a glossy wet look, and increase hydrophobicity.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to paint protection film, you may be interested in ceramic coating, our installation packages start at £300.

Paint protection film or vinyl wrap, what’s the difference?

Vinyl Wraps are primarily installed for aesthetic purposes, come in hundreds of different colours and can be designed to promote your brand or product.

Whereas PPF is primarily used for paint protection, and is usually transparent, except for limited matter/satin/black PPF all of which are slightly less common.

PPF has self-healing properties, whereas vinyl wrap is less equipped in this area.

Vinyl wrap is usually thicker and easier to install than paint protection film.

How to choose a PPF installer?

Our top tips for choosing a PPF installed that’s right for you:

  • Price – price can vary by location, training, experience, accreditation and PPF brand used so get 2-3 quotes before you pay a deposit or sign a contract
  • Experience – ask your PPF installer for examples of recent jobs
  • Reviews – genuine customer reviews is one the easiest ways to tell the difference from a professional and a cowboy, take the time to read recent reviews

How long does paint protection film last?

Up to 10 years.

However there are some limiting factors that reduce the longevity of PPF such as

  • Poor application technique
  • No / poor surface prep, wash or decontamination of the car/surfaces
  • Not washing your vehicle regularly or maintaining the PPF i.e. leaving dirt, bird poo and other contaminants to build up on the surface for weeks or months

Do you offering PPF Training?

Yes, we do offer PPF training with our PPF specialists covering all of the following:

Take a look at our PPF Training page for more information.

Paint Protection and Customisation for every budget

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