Summit Details reaches new heights, creating a second job and expanding their detailing team to cope with demand from luxury dealerships and car owners in West Sussex. 

Background: in 2022 we rebuilt, setup Google Ads and got to work on optimising the website for search (Google).

The Starting Line

Back in 2022, Summit Details’ website came to the end of the road. It was cruising along, serving people that found it but it wasn’t climbing any rankings and it wasn’t racing to put Summit Details in front of potential customers.

The website was getting less than 10 clicks per month from Google, and it was lucky if there was 1 genuine enquiry (lead) in a month.

Detailing the Digital Drive

  1. Website Overhaul: We didn’t just wash and wax, we completely rebuilt the WordPress website from the ground-up to ensure it was lightening fast, optimised for search (Yes, that mainly just means Google nowadays) and wrote 1000s of words about Summit Details and it’s services, and since we know what we’re talking about, all of the content was written with authority and accuracy. We didn’t have to waste any time asking Hayden “What is car detailing” or having him explain the difference between a single stage and a multi stage.
  2. SEO-Boost: There are over a BILLION website on the web, creating one, and not putting in the time and effort to promote it, is like opening a detailing shop in the middle of nowhere, and not telling anyone. We spent time mapping out the key services, helped design packages, and effectively price them. We then built pages and wrote content around the services to help get found by potential customers looking for those services in search.
  3. Ads that Attract: Google Ads has been the biggest winner for Summit Details, delivering 77% of leads over the last year. We offered the complete package for Summit Details, ensuring the account, and campaign was setup for success, was being tracked efficiently and most importantly watched the leads come rolling in through.

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About Summit Details

Car detailing services in West Sussex. Summit Details was founded by Hayden Pyzer in 2021, following his passion for detailing, cars and the automotive industry.

“After 8 years working in car dealerships and car sales, I decided to follow my passion for detailing. In 2017 I began detailing for friends, family, friends of friends and anyone else who wanted their car to shine like it did in the showroom. Over 5 years, my passion project turned into a side hustle, and then in 2021 I bought a van and Summit Details was born.” – Hayden

Name: Summit Details

Address: 5 Tatlow Chase, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7BU

Phone number: 07860 580321



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