Every business faces its own set of challenges, but the unexpected devastation that Ben of Marsh Detailing faced is the kind of eventuality that most can’t imagine. However, when one community member falls, it’s the support of others that makes recovery feasible. This case study shines a spotlight on how Pyramid Car Care reached out to aid its long-time customer, Marsh Detailing, in driving growth in leads and bookings to help Marsh Detailing rise up again.

The Challenge

On the 11th of July, a devastating fire blazed through Ben’s car detailing studio in Hertfordshire, along with 40 other units. The immediate consequence wasn’t just the loss of physical assets, but the disruption of the business online which is still having repercussions today.

The Pyramid Car Care Response

Knowing the integral role Marsh Detailing has played in the car care community and recognizing Ben’s dedication over the years, Pyramid Car Care felt a deep-rooted responsibility to help. The goal wasn’t just to restore Marsh Detailing’s online presence, but to ensure it came back stronger and more resilient than ever.

  1. Website Rebuilding: Pyramid Car Care took the initiative to rebuild Marsh Detailing’s website from the ground up using WordPress. This platform was chosen for its flexibility, user-friendliness, and capability to deliver a seamless user experience.
  2. Search Optimization: The new website was fully optimized for search engines. This meant potential clients looking for car detailing services in Hertfordshire would find Marsh Detailing at the top of their searches, helping the business recover some of its lost clientele and attract new ones.

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  1. Facebook Ads: To further increase visibility and draw attention to the revitalized Marsh Detailing, Facebook Ads were set up. This move was strategic, tapping into the vast user base of the platform and directly targeting locals and car enthusiasts.
  2. Integration of Analytics Tools: Understanding business metrics is crucial for growth. Pyramid Car Care integrated top-tier analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and HubSpot. This gave Ben the capability to monitor site traffic, understand user behavior, and gauge the effectiveness of their online strategies.


Marsh Detailing not only regained its online footing but emerged with a robust and optimized digital infrastructure, poised for growth. Traffic to the website increased, as did customer inquiries, indicating a successful recovery in progress.


While disasters can be debilitating, the response of the community defines the path to recovery. Pyramid Car Care’s initiative to support Marsh Detailing showcases how businesses can collaborate to overcome challenges. In the face of adversity, it’s the strength of community and partnerships that can usher in a new dawn for enterprises.

About Marsh Detailing

Car Detailing services in Hertfordshire by Marsh Detailing.

Marsh Detailing was founded by Husband and Wife duo Ben and Emily, in Hertfordshire, back in February 2021.

They specialise in machine polishing, paint enhancement and correction, ceramic coating and paint protection film. As well as offering deep cleaning packages and monthly maintenance washes, as well as winter protection for all vehicle’s.

Name: Marsh Detailing

Address: London Rd, Baldock SG7 6NG

Phone: 07776 799894