It’s that time we all dread… The car’s get dirtier, the weather gets wetter, the temperature drops and business slows down. That’s why we teamed up with Daryl at Offset Detailing and launched the Winter Detailer Competition to help promote Offset Detailing we provided a free Ceramic Coating and free Ceramic Wax.

Congratulations Rene for winning!

Rene’s 430 BHP Honda Civic Type R FK2 was treated to a single stage machine polish, and ceramic coating application by Offset Detailing.


Starting with a full wash down and decontamination, Daryl followed with a single stage machine polish to remove some minor paint defects from the paintwork. After a panel wipe down, Pyramid Car Care Premium Ceramic Coating was applied to the paintwork, gloss black trim, PPF (paint protection film), black wrapped areas (centre bonnet and roof skin) and exterior trim.

Later Offset Detailing applied Ceramic Wax (a Pyramid Car Care and ODK Wax Collaboration product) as a top coat.

Exterior glass was coated with Glass Armour, exhaust tips and wheels coated with Ceramic Wax. Interior was cleaned and vacuumed throughout with the engine bay and carbon fibre sections dressed.

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