Last month we had the pleasure of detailing the OG, Jamie, at Officially Gassed’s new BMW M3 in Purple Silk.

To get it ready we cleaned and decontaminated all exterior surfaces then wiped all paintwork clean with our Glass Cleaner to prepare the surface for machine polishing.

Paint correction came in the way of a single stage machine polish, with a mixture of medium and heavy cut compounds.

Then finished the detailing with a combination of Premium Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Wax, for a show-stopping finish.

“Big shoutout to Jamie for coming to see us, the M3 is incredible and video’s don’t even begin to give it justice.”

“It’s great to see how far you’ve come, in such a short time with Offically Gassed. Good luck for the future of the channel. If you need any other detailing help or advice, just give me a shout!”

Without further ado, watch the full video with Officially Gassed here….


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