• Our Most Advanced Coating Yet.Offering the same easy application as our Premium Ceramic Coating.5 years of protection along with unparalleled levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Harnessing the latest in coating technology, Ceramic Coating PRO offers the ultimate in protection.
  • Super easy to apply, Ceramic Wax cures in 5-10 minutes, boasts 6 months durability and delivers an enviable glossy finish.Suitable for use on paintwork, metal, plastic, and wheels.Use as a standalone wax or as a top up to our popular Premium Ceramic Coating.
  • Spray, buff and go with Quick Detailer Pro for the ultimate streak free shine. Perfect for maintaining impeccable show standards in-between washes.An easy to use spray-on solution providing 6 weeks surface protection without disturbing existing wax, sealant or ceramic coatings. Suitable for all paint finishes, plastic, rubber, chrome and glass.
  • Ceramic Coating
    Easy to apply, Premium Ceramic Coating boasts 2 years protection, 9h hardness, a high gloss finish and instant drying.Suitable for Paint, Metal, Plastic, Wheels and Exhaust.SPECIAL OFFER: free microfibre applicator pad with each bottle purchased (automatically included with your delivery - you don't need to do anything).
  • Ultra Shampoo - Pyramid Car Care

    Ultra Shampoo

    Ultra Shampoo by Pyramid Car Care.A highly concentrated pH neutral car shampoo suitable for all paint types, colours, glass and plastic. Ultra Shampoo is hard on dirt and grime, yet completely wax and sealant safe. 
  • Snow Foam - Pyramid Car Care

    Snow Foam

    Snow Foam by Pyramid Car Care.A highly concentrated snow foam, to be used as a pre-wash or shampoo alternative. Safe for use on sealant, wax and all exterior surfaces, this product will lift dirt and grime without affecting existing paint or glass protection. 
  • Citrus Prewash - Pyramid Car Care

    Citrus Prewash

    Pyramid Car Care Citrus Prewash is a wax friendly pre wash ideal for removing road dirt and grime before a shampoo wash to minimise the risk of inflicting swirls and scratches.Citrus Prewash also works as a great bug remover when left to soak for a few minutes
  • Fallout Remover

    Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover is perfect for removal of brake dust and other contaminants from wheels and paintwork before polishing. It is safe to use on all wheel types. 
  • Carnauba Shine - Pyramid Car Care
    Pyramid Car Cares Carnauba Shine is non-abrasive easy to apply protection that will provide you with a wet look shine whilst filling small imperfections in your vehicles paintwork. 
  • Quick Detailer

    Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer is a fast and effective way of topping up your car’s shine between washes as well as helping to get rid of light dust and dirt.
  • Alloy Armour

    Pyramid Car Care Alloy Armour is a Quick wipe on protection for your alloy wheels helping to keep road grime and brake dust at bay. 
  • Glass Armour

    Pyramid Car Care Glass Armour is a spray on sealant for all exterior window surfaces creating a hydrophobic coating to improve visibility. 
  • Glass Cleaner

    Pyramid Car Care Glass Cleaner is an effective glass cleaner which will cut through any dirt and grime leaving a streak free finish. 
  • Interior Cleaner - Pyramid Car Care

    Interior Cleaner

    Pyramid Car Care Interior Cleaner is a foaming solution that will help to lift away any unwanted dirt and grime from your interior surfaces from fabric to leather. 
  • Leather Armour

    Pyramid Car Care Leather Armour is an effective leather protection to help keep away any contamination whilst keeping your leather supple. 
  • Spray Sealant - Pyramid Car Care

    Spray Sealant

    Pyramid Car Cares Spray Sealant is a Hydrophobic barrier for your vehicles paintwork keeping the dirt and grime at bay whilst enhancing the gloss of your paint. 
  • Spray Wax

    Pyramid Car Care Spray Wax is a fast and effective way to top up existing wax layers on your paintwork. Use it for a quick touch up or to add an extra layer of protection to your paintwork. 
  • Tar & Glue Remover

    Pyramid Car Care Tar & Glue Remover is a fast acting remover which instantly gets to work dissolving tar spots and adhesive residues.