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Introducing Pyramid Car Care Essex in partnership with Stuart Staples and Auto Genie Chelmsford

Car Detailing services including Ceramic Coating for paint, wheels, glass, exhaust tips, interior, leather and more.

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Car Detailing Services, Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Film in Essex*

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Ceramic Coating for Cars, Bikes, Vans and Motorhomes

We’ve got a complete range of ceramic coating products to protect your vehicle as well as access to a wide range of alternative ceramic coatings for every purpose, paint type, car, van, motorbike and other vehicles. 

Ceramic coating for car paint

Ceramic Coating for Paint, Plastic and PPF

Ceramic Coating for wheels, alloys and callipers

Ceramic Coating for Wheels, Alloys and Brake Calipers

Carbon Glass Coating for Cars

Carbon Coating for Glass

Why choose Pyramid Car Care Essex

Up to 5 years guarantee

Maintenance plans & advice

10+ years experience

2, 3 & 5 year coatings

9h hardness

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Our Car Detailers in Essex

Stuart Staples - Car Detailer in Essex - Pyramid Car Care

Stuart Staples

Car detailer and car detailing trainer 

Our head honcho in the Southeast, car detailer and trainer Stuart Staples.

With 10 years experience you can trust that your car is in safe hands.

“I’m experienced, safe, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I’ve worked on many million pound cars, through to one-off race cars with everything in between. I am as passionate about creating a customer experience as I am detailing the car (Car & Spa anyone?)” – Stuart

PVD approved car detailer in Essex.

Ry Tombs

Co-founder, director and car detailer at Pyramid Car Care.

Ry is detailing mad, and his been detailing cars since he was 13 years old. He currently manages our car detailing studio in Worcester in addition to supporting Stuart in Essex.

“In 2016 I founded Pyramid Car Care. The business started with a range of car detailing products including car shampoo and snow foam, and has grown to include ceramic coatings and waxes which are trusted by professional detailers throughout the UK and Europe. Since founding Pyramid Car Care I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the UK’s favourite detailers, collaborating, sharing tips and developing my experience as a detailer along the way.”

“In 2020 I launched Detailed By Ry professional car detailing services at our new detailing centre based in Spetchley, Worcester – just 5 minutes from Junction 6 of the M5.” – Ry Tombs

New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

Full list of Car Detailing Prices

Car Detailing ServicesCar Detailing Prices
Enhancement Detail (single stage polish)From £300
Basic Paint CorrectionFrom £600
Advanced Paint CorrectionFrom £900
Ceramic Coating (2 year)From £100
Ceramic Coating (3 year)From £150
Ceramic Coating (5 year)From £200
Glass CoatingFrom £50
Full ValetFrom £120
Interior ProtectionFrom £150
Engine Bay DetailFrom £150
Calliper PaintingFrom £150
Fabric Roof ProtectionFrom £150
Wheels Off Ceramic CoatingFrom £150
Wheeluv Alloy Wheel ProtectorsFrom £150
Wheels Off Ceramic Coating and Wheeluv PackageFrom £250
Paint Protection Film (PPF) – Front End PackagesFrom £1,200
Wheel RefurbishmentFrom £85 per wheel
Maintenance Wash (monthly or bi-monthly)From £80

Emergency Services (HEROES) Discount

“Right you lovely lot! The scheme is simple. If you serve or served in the emergency services, then you qualify for a 50% discount on labour and you only pay for materials at cost! I know, amazing right!? All you need to do is to prove you work or have worked in your stated profession when you make your initial enquiry and we can get you the massive discounts.”

“There are lots of other perks too, but these only kick in once you’re up and running as a client…..and I am proud to say that I have looked after literally hundreds of you over the years” – Stuart Staples

Directions to Pyramid Car Care Essex

Car detailing Essex

Visits are by appointment only, call, email or fill out our contact form to arrange a free car inspection and quote.

Address: Auto Genie, Main Rd, Great Leighs, Chelmsford CM3, UK

Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00, Saturday 08:00 to 18:00 and Sunday closed.

Phone: 07733 527430

Email: essex@pyramidcarcare.co.uk

Directions: please contact us for directions

Please note: visits are by appointment only.

FAQs about Ceramic Coating

Benefits of ceramic coating

Better gloss, better UV protection, better optical clarity, better bird bomb protection, slightly better scratch or marring resistance and much, much easier to wash

How long does ceramic coating last on a car

If the car is washed and maintained properly, 2 years through to 5 years. If it’s washed and maintained poorly the paint will start to look like junk way before the coating is compromised

Wheel ceramic coating benefits

Easier maintenance/cleaning. Protects the underlying materials

Best ceramic coating for rims

Pyramid Car Care 5 year offers the best high temperature performance (KKD R-Evolve offers 1350+ temp protection so I don’t know how that compares)

Best sio2 ceramic coating

Pyramid Car Care Professional 5 year is a fantastic blend of gloss, protection and water behaviour

Glass ceramic coating benefits

Improved visibility. Looks cool when it’s raining

Can you apply ceramic coating over ceramic coating

Some you can, some you can’t! It depends on the chemical make up of the two coatings and even the cure time between layers. In order to to get the very best performance, follow the manufacturers instructions

Cost for ceramic coating a car

Small hatchbacks like a FIAT 500 with a 2 year coating start from £300 with appropriate preparation. There is no real ceiling in price as it’s all about the preparation but something like a Bentley Bentayga with 5 year protection would start at around £800 with basic preparation

How to remove scratches from ceramic coating

Once the coating is fully cured after 5 days, a very light machine polish will help to reduce or remove mild scratches

Can I clay bar a ceramic coated car

You can clay ceramic coated cars but make sure the car is chemically decontaminated first of all as this should negate the need to clay. If you do have to clay I would suggest using the softest clay you can find, warming it up in hot water, and with the use of a shampoo/water mix, very lightly clay the glass first to “break” the clay in.

Once you’ve done the windscreen for example, make sure the clay is spotless and lightly clay one section of paint. Check the clay is clean, or mould it into a clean, fresh surface and repeat the process. Remember, if you drop the clay, bin it. And if you leave marring behind the coating will need a super light polish afterwards.

General rule of thumb is that if you need to clay your coated car, you’ve left the chemical decontamination too long

How to apply 9h ceramic coating

Same as any other coating. On well prepared paint, with good lighting and allowed to cure properly before release into the wild
ceramic coating for matte paint car

Pyramid Car Care Premium is a great coating for all finishes including matte and satin finishes, whether painted or wrapped

Can you polish ceramic coating

Ish. You won’t be able to do much beyond a very, very light polish and it’s not recommended unless you’re a professional or prepared to recoat the polished area

Can you put sealant over ceramic coating

Yes, but any product used on top of a coating will then dictate the water behaviour so if you use a less hydrophobic topper you’ll get less hydrophobicity for example

Ceramic coating Vs PPF

Two different products with one common aim. Protecting the car’s paintwork. PPF is better from an impact prevention point of view. It resists stone chips better and the film thickness can easily be up to 180 microns! The downside with PPF is cost and applications. You can’t PPF alloys, exhausts or glass. Ceramic coating can be applied to just about any material, and is so much cheaper than years gone by. With the latest coating technologies protecting a daily driven car with coating can make a massive difference to the ownership experience without costing the Earth

Ceramic coating problems

Poor preparation. Not managing expectations with what is and isn’t possible. Poor application. Poor maintenance

Disadvantages of ceramic coating

The one potential downside with coatings is a condition known as mineral affinity. Basically, minerals attract other minerals so the silicon dioxide for example present in some coatings, subject to a million variables, may attract minerals in tap water like calcium and magnesium so when the water evaporates, it may be more prone to water spotting. Proper wash techniques and products mitigate this completely