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New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

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Car Detailing, Valeting and PPF in Worcester

We offer a range of services at our new detailing centre located 5 mins from J6 of the M5.

Car detailing services, from car polishing to enhance or correct your paintwork to ceramic coating for paint, wheels and glass protection. Interior valeting including fabric, leather, carpet and dash cleaning and protection. As well as PPF for part or full coverage of your car. All car detailing services are completed by our experienced professional detailer Ry Tombs, Co-Founder of Pyramid Car Care.

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Car polishing and car detailing in Worcester

Car Polishing

Choose from a single or multi stage car polishing package, to enhance or correct your paintwork.

Over time paintwork becomes dull and fades. Scratches and swirl marks appear and your car loses it’s shine.

Car polishing renews your paintwork by removing light scratches, defects and other imperfections. Perfecting your paintwork and bringing back that showroom shine.

Ceramic Coating in Worcester

Ceramic Coatings

For the ultimate paint protection choose ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coatings are semi-permanent crystal clear barriers that protect your paintwork from the world around it. Ceramic Coatings can be applied to your paint, wheels, glass, exhaust and other exterior surfaces to protect against fading, light scratches, swirl marks, chemicals and UV. As well as making the surfaced hydrophobic and easier to cleaner.

You can choose from our leading 2 years protection and 5 years protection ceramic coatings which are trusted by professional detailers throughout the UK and Europe.

New Car Detailing - featuring 70 plate Mustant GT

New Car Detailing

Perfect and protect your new car with a new car detailing package.

Your new car lives a life before it’s sold to you: it’s manufactured in a factory, held in storage for months, and often transported by road, rail and sea. Along the way picking up dust, dirt, salt water, iron fallout, acid rain and sometimes bird poo. As well as being hand washed throughout it journey and at the dealership.

By the time your new car gets to you, very light surface scratches and swirl marks are common – this isn’t always the case. We recommend calling a professional car detailer to determine the correct new car detailing package for your new car and budget.

PPF Paint Protection Film in Worcester


Paint protection film is a clear protective film applied to your vehicles paintwork to protect from stone chips, light scratches and other environmental factors. From front end to full car PPF coverage – we can build a package to suits you needs and budget.

We can fully detail your paintwork before application of Paint protection film and also apply ceramic coating on top to increase its hydrophobic water behaviour, gloss and reduce fingerprints.

Paint Protection Film offers self healing properties protecting your paintwork for years to come from wash marring, swirls and scratches.

Our Latest Customer Review

New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

“These guys were absolutely awesome and looked after both me and my car. Car went in for paint correction and ceramic coating along with interior clean and protection. The finish was unreal, so much so it looks better than when I picked the car up from the dealership!”

“It has been over a month and it’s still looking amazing.”

“Thanks once again guys for the work, I’ll be seeing you again very soon!!!”

Car Detailing Worcester Reviews 5 stars

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New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

“Booking in to get ceramic coating was straightforward and the price quoted was very competitive. The workshop is conveniently situated and very secure. Ry gave updates on the job throughout the day and the car looks even better than the day it was collected from the show room. Highly recommend Pyramid Car Care.”

Karen and David’s BMW z4 M40i received a single stage machine polish. Ceramic Coating for paint, wheel and caliper protection as well as glass protection with our new Carbon Glass Coating.

Car Detailing Worcester Review

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New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

Ry came across as someone who really cared about the work he does, passionate, enthusiastic and detailed. It gave me the confidence to give him my new 70 plate Mustang GT to do the full new car detail with a level of detail and attention the main dealer never would. Communication was great and was centred around what I needed, no up sale, no pushiness.”

“Every little defect or swirl was gone, it’s now shiny and glossy right down to the tight corners of the paintwork and on every inch of the alloys. I was truly blown away at the improvement and I know it’ll last being and be easy to maintain now.”

Dan’s Mustang GT was treated to a new car detail including car polishing to enhance the paintwork. 5 years paint and wheel protection plus 1-2 years glass protection.

Review of New Car Detail - Car Detailing in Worcester Review

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Meet The Detailers

New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

Hello, I’m Ry!

Detailing became an obsession for me in 2008, before it was the force it is today, using my dads old Autoglym products on my first car and seeing it shine made me enjoy driving it more. I have and continue to watch hours of detailing tutorials on YouTube by professional detailers like White Details, The Detail Geek and more.

I’ve been detailing cars for over 10 years now and In 2016 I founded Pyramid Car Care. The business started with a range of car detailing products including car shampoo and snow foam, and has grown to include ceramic coatings and waxes which are trusted by professional detailers throughout the UK and Europe. Since founding Pyramid Car Care I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the UK’s favourite detailers, collaborating, sharing tips and developing my experience as a detailer along the way.

In 2020 I launched Detailed By Ry professional car detailing services at our new detailing centre based in Spetchley, Worcester – just 5 minutes from Junction 6 of the M5.

New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

Hello, I’m Dan!

After 11 years in dealerships and the automotive trade, I joined the family business to grow Pyramid Car Care in Worcester. I started my career in dealerships in 2010 as a car valeter where I first learnt the trade, and then worked my way up the ranks to assistant manager.

My favourite request so far has been “mint it” from the owner of a 25 year old MG (nearly as old as me!)

“I’ve had 3 different cars detailed by Pyramid. I’m well pleased with the results on all of them. This is my 25 year old MG which got a lot of attention at a recent MG meet followed it’s visit to Pyramid” – Paul Sharpe


New Car Detailing - Mustang GT 2020 Model

We are located in Withy Wells Business Park. A new development in beautiful rural Spetchley, near Worcester, along the A4538 Pershore Lane and just a stone’s throw from Spetchley Park Gardens.

Address: Pyramid Car Care, Unit 2, Withy Wells business park, Worcester, WR5 1RW

Hours: Monday to Sunday 08:00 to 18:00

Phone: 01905 382690


Directions: click here for directions on Google Maps

Please note: visits are by appointment only.

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Full list of Car Detailing Prices

Car Detailing ServicesCar Detailing Prices
Enhancement Detail (single stage polish)From £300
Basic Paint CorrectionFrom £600
Advanced Paint CorrectionFrom £900
Ceramic Coating (2 year)From £100
Ceramic Coating (3 year)From £150
Ceramic Coating (5 year)From £200
Glass CoatingFrom £50
Full ValetFrom £120
Interior ProtectionFrom £150
Engine Bay DetailFrom £150
Calliper PaintingFrom £150
Fabric Roof ProtectionFrom £150
Wheels Off Ceramic CoatingFrom £150
Wheeluv Alloy Wheel ProtectorsFrom £150
Wheels Off Ceramic Coating and Wheeluv PackageFrom £250
Paint Protection Film (PPF) – Front End PackagesFrom £1,200
Wheel RefurbishmentFrom £85 per wheel
Maintenance Wash (monthly or bi-monthly)From £80

Terms and Conditions

*£100 off our ceramic coating when you book a car detailing package. Your booking must be made by 31 October 2021 and deposit paid by the same date. To be eligible you must have a minimum booking value of £400 (before discount).