• Ultra Shampoo - Pyramid Car Care
    Ultra Shampoo by Pyramid Car Care.A highly concentrated pH neutral car shampoo suitable for all paint types, colours, glass and plastic. Ultra Shampoo is hard on dirt and grime, yet completely wax and sealant safe. 
  • Snow Foam - Pyramid Car Care
    Snow Foam by Pyramid Car Care.A highly concentrated snow foam, to be used as a pre-wash or shampoo alternative. Safe for use on sealant, wax and all exterior surfaces, this product will lift dirt and grime without affecting existing paint or glass protection. 
  • Citrus Prewash - Pyramid Car Care
    Pyramid Car Care Citrus Prewash is a wax friendly pre wash ideal for removing road dirt and grime before a shampoo wash to minimise the risk of inflicting swirls and scratches.Citrus Prewash also works as a great bug remover when left to soak for a few minutes