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Ultra Shampoo by Pyramid Car Care.

A highly concentrated pH neutral car shampoo suitable for all paint types, colours, glass and plastic. Ultra Shampoo is hard on dirt and grime, yet completely wax and sealant safe.

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Ultra Shampoo delivers unbelievable washing results, it’s gloss enhancers bring out the very best colour in your vehicle’s paintwork, special lubricants provide a smooth finish that you can feel and at 25 pence per wash Ultra Shampoo offers incredible economic value.

You won’t believe it until you see it….

Ultra Shampoo in action

Using Ultra Shampoo to wash your car

Washing your vehicle with Ultra Shampoo is easy.

Equipment needed:

  • Wash mitt
  • Bucket
  • Pressure washer

How to wash your vehicle with Ultra Shampoo, car wash liquid:

Before getting started with Ultra Shampoo, we recommend pre-washing your vehicle. This can be done with a pressure washer, Citrus Prewash or Snow Foam. By doing this you will loosen and remove dirt particles and reduce the risk of scratches.

Pour 1 cap full of Ultra Shampoo into an empty 5 litre bucket then fill the bucket with warm water (add an additional cap full for every 5 litres of water).

Using a wash mitt, apply the car shampoo to your vehicle one panel at a time.

When you have covered the entire vehicle, we recommend you rinse off the car shampoo with a pressure washer. (If you do not have a pressure washer, you may find a bucket of clean water or a hose pipe will do the trick.)

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6 reviews for Ultra Shampoo – 500ml

  1. Westley Crew (verified owner)

    This product leaves a super glossy finish The foamy shampoo is by far the best of used very slick

  2. Andy White (verified owner)

    This is a great shampoo. Super slick, smells great and produces a good amount of suds.

    I used 20ml in about 17l of water which was ideal for me. You could easily drop this back to 15ml and still get great results.

    One of the nicest shampoos iv used.

  3. Nick Gillibrand (verified owner)

    Thick, pleasant smelling, good amount of suds that last throughout the wash, and most importantly as slick as any other top brand shampoos I have tried! Great price too, can’t fault it!

  4. the_evolutionx_collection (verified owner)

    So I tried the Pyramid Car Care Shampoo on my 1992 defender that needed a decent clean!

    As discussed in the review of the snowfoam the packaging looks spot on you can’t fault it. 👍

    The shampoo itself I was pleased to see was really thick, which surely is a good sign as i imagine it would be easy for manufacturers to water it down and sell you less.

    It had a gel like feeling to it, which will certainly help lubrication and prevent scratching. Similar to the Bilt Hamber shampoo which is a high concentration and certainly worlds apart from the cheap stuff you can buy all over the place 👍

    I then decanted the product in to my bucket and it foamed up thick and foamy with the pressure 🥰👌. One minor issue I found though was that there was no instructions (that I noticed) that told me how much to use. It really is a minor issue and half the time I guesstimate the amount anyway 😂. However when using this to maintain a ceramic coating/wax I’d want to pay more attention to the concentration 🤔 even if it just said “2 cap fulls per bucket”.

    The foamy shampoo filled the wash mitt and felt like it slid across the paintwork exactly how I’d want it to 👍.

    The car was clean at the end and there wasn’t any dirt that hadn’t been shifted. What more could you possibly want from a shampoo 😂.

    Shampoos are difficult to tell apart and compare results, there are some key points that need to be ticked off and I feel this shampoo certainly competes with the best out there.

    PRICE – £8 delivered with my code EVOX as discount (£10 without discount). As a comparison Autoglym is at best £7.50 and Bilt Hamber £15 (prices including postage from EBay sellers). I would genuinely say that this shampoo is closer to the Bilt Hamber consistency, so the price point seems spot on for this product and a bit of a bargain 👍👍

    At a reasonable 10ml per wash you’d get 50 washes from the bottle at a cost of 16p. I always use more product than necessary so I’d probably double that 😂 I can live with paying 32p per wash 🤣.

    Summary, a very good product that ticks all the boxes, competes with the top dogs and but at a much more reasonable price. Also If you use the Pyramid ceramic coating/wax this is the only product I’d be using to maintain it 👍

  5. Dave Jones

    Having used different brands of car shampoos over many years I decided to give this new product a go. So gland I did , nice smell good amount of foam without being over the top, great cleaning results and no water stains , a very slick feel to the wash .

  6. Tom Jones

    I have used Autoglym for years as I’ve never found a shampoo that I feel is better until now! This product leaves a super glossy finish and gets the water beading off the car after! Somehow the car stays cleaner longer too!

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