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A key benefit of using Snow Foam to clean your vehicle is the reduced need for subsequent contact cleaning thus reducing the risk of scratching glass and paintwork.

This highly concentrated snow foam has been developed to deliver a thick and creamy foam at unbelievable dilution ratios. For most uses we recommend 200ml of Snow Foam, to be used in a snow foam lance with warm water, however this amount can be increased or decreased based on personal preference and the level of soiling on your vehicle.

Another benefit of Snow Foam is it’s ability to get into hard to reach areas that wash mitts, sponges and microfibre towels simply cannot touch.

You won’t believe the results until you try it yourself!

Snow Foam in action

Washing your car/vehicle with Snow Foam

Washing your car with Snow Foam by Pyramid Car Care is simple.

Equipment needed:

  • Pressure Washer
  • Foam Lance

Directions for use:

Connect your pressure washer to a stable water source and a safe electrical source, (unless you are using a gas or pump pressure washer).

Add 200ml of Snow Foam to your Foam Lance, top-up with warm water and spray liberally over your vehicle.

Leave the foam on your vehicle for 5 minutes. Then spray off the foam with clean water.

For heavily soiled vehicles, we recommend adding 100ml of Citrus Prewash to your solution for extra cutting power.


What is Snow Foam?

“Snowfoam is a particular way of pre-cleaning before washing the car with a washmitt or similar. Snowfoam will loosen up dirt and will move a lot of the dirt when it is rinsed off. Although Snowfoam can be applied with a special sprayer, it works best when applied with a special snowfoam-attachment on a pressure washer. Rinsing is also best done with a pressure washer.

Leaving it to dwell

“Snowfoam works by being left to dwell which loosens up dirt that can then be easily rinsed off. By rinsing if off and not having any physical contact with the paint, the risk of swirls is greatly minimized. It depends per manufacturer and/or per product, bit in general snowfoam is left to dwell for about 5 minutes. In this time it chemically breaks the bond of fats, loosens of dirt and breaks down grime. When the snowfoam is rinsed off, it will rinse away most of the dirt.”

This information above has been taken from

Continue reading on to find out more include: common misconceptions, application, shampoo Vs snow foam, and the different types of snow foam.

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  1. Bradley Spurgin (verified owner)

    First of all I’ll start by saying I love most Pyramid Products but sadly not this one.

    We all know that thick foam does absolutely nothing compared to a thing layer, so the fact this is a thin foam doesn’t bother me.

    But at 100ml per 1L I’m sorry but it’s just too expensive. The one I currently use comes in 5L for about £18 and you use such small amounts of it. (If you know you know)

    The foam itself is fine and softens dirt appropriately as it should. Smells amazing but I just can’t get over the amount you need. This is about the only product I wasn’t impressed with out of the range.

  2. James (verified owner)

    Firstly I considered giving this 4 stars just because I think this should come in at least a 2.5L bottle but that has no impact on the quality so a firm 5 stars from me!

    Pyramid Car Care Snowfoam, I used this on my 1992 Defender that hadn’t been washed in a few months.

    There wasn’t any thick mud or any baked on brake dust but it’s been driven on the commute and to do some jobs so it was dirty!!

    The packaging look and quality is great, it really stands out from the crowd and the smell is great too 😂

    It’s recommended you use about 100ml of product in a 1 litre foam lance, I love thick foam so for me I used 250ml 😂.

    This did generate lovely thick foam as you can see, that slowly slid off the paintwork, removing any noticeable dirt and I must say it was very impressive 👍.

    I left it to dwell for about 10 mins as it was a cold day and the sun wasn’t out. After that it was all pressure washed away and when I carried out the contact wash there was almost no dirt on the wash mitt 😎 showing that the foam pre wash had done its job 👍.

    Price wise however the bottle is 500ml so for this thickness of foam you’d only get two goes out of one bottle costing about £3 per wash. Comparing that to Autoglym polar blast at the same concentration the cost would be £1.30 per wash 🤔

    I would say this foam is best suited to regular maintenance washes, PYRAMID themselves say to increase the power for a really dirty car mix it in the lance with their Pyramid citrus prewash.

    What could be improved on? Well the formula seems spot on, it’s maybe an idea that they sell this in a 2.5 or 5L bottle to reduce the cost?

    To summarise my thoughts are that this products makes perfect sense to use as a maintenance wash when you’ve deep cleaned your car and applied the Pyramid ceramic coating.

    The two products have been designed to work perfectly together complimenting each other’s cleaning and protection properties. Pyramids endurance testing of the ceramic coating is based on regular use of this snowfoam, so for the maximum results of the ceramic coating I’d be using this stuff if your budget allows 🥰👌

    Priced at £7 for 500ml however using discount code EVOX will make this even cheaper.

    Visit my Instagram for more pictures, videos and reviews @the_evolutionx_collection

    • Callum, Co-Founder


      Firstly thank you so much for this thorough, in-depth review and the others you have recently posted. As a small business we genuinely appreciate the support of detailers like yourself.

      Plus the feedback, around size and pricing is really valuable.

      Regarding 5L… watch this space. We may be able to satisfy your request alot sooner than expected.

      Thanks again James. I genuinely look forward to reading more of your reviews.

  3. Cristina

    Our car deserve the best and when we look after our Mazda we use the best Snow Foam. The result is amazing! This product leave our car felling shiny and it small good !

  4. Nath Hamlett

    The cherry scent would make you think this snow foam is just a gimmick but the product cut through the crap in a way you wouldn’t believe. It was also the thickest snow foam I’ve ever used.

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