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Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer Pro is an incredibly easy to use product which offers 6 weeks of protection and an ultra-glossy and slick finish. It can be used after washing as a stand-alone protective product, to boost existing protection (waxes, sealants and coatings), or to remove fingerprints and water spots.

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Key Features

  • 6 Weeks of Protection: keeping the car cleaner between washes
  • Ultra-Glossy Finish: makes your vehicle really turn heads
  • Easy Application: simply wipe on and buff off
  • Boosts Water Behaviour: leaves behind a protective layer which beads and sheets water rapidly
  • Wax, Sealant and Coating Compatible: either use stand-alone or on top of existing protection

How to Use Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer Pro

  • Shake the bottle and spray onto a cool, dry surface, or a microfiber towel
  • Spread the product in a small section
  • Flip the microfiber cloth or use a fresh cloth to buff away the residue
  • Do not apply to warm panels or in direct sunlight

Pro Tip

Quick Detailer Pro is also perfect for wiping down door shuts, as the advanced polymer formula provides plenty of lubrication and the protective properties will keep the painted surfaces in excellent condition.

Quick Detailer Pro can also be used as a drying aid. Simply mist a couple of sprays per panel when the vehicle has been freshly washed, and then use your drying towel to wipe the panels. This will help add some slickness to the drying process and leave some protection behind.

Why Choose Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer Pro?

With its slick feel, impressive water behaviour, and gloss-boosting effect, Quick Detailer Pro is the perfect product for that finishing touch. It can be either be used as a stand-alone product or as a sacrificial layer on a wax, sealant or ceramic coating to keep the vehicle looking fresh and cleaner between washes.

We also wanted to make Quick Detailer Pro a product that professionals and enthusiasts would genuinely look forward to using after each wash. We made the application process super quick and easy with a simple wipe and buff method, and gave it a sweet scent which our customers really appreciate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which surfaces can Quick Detailer Pro be used on?

Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer Pro can be used on paint, metal, plastic, and glass.

How often should I apply Quick Detailer Pro?

This product offers 6 weeks of protection but can be applied after every wash if you clean your vehicle more frequently.

Can Quick Detailer Pro be applied on top of a ceramic coating?

Quick Detailer Pro can be applied on top of ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants. This helps to keep the protection performing properly and reduces contamination build-up.

Additional information

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12 reviews for Quick Detailer Pro

  1. Roy Wilson (verified owner)

    Excellent product. A little goes a long way. Easy on / off. Excellent hydrophobic properties and gloss. 5 Stars

  2. Henry Madden (verified owner)

    I bought this product as a topper for my pyramid ceramic coatings, I haven’t got to use it yet on the coatings as I am waiting for my new car to arrive, but I had a land rover defender in which I detailed, i used the stuff on the door jams and sills and the lower parts and sides of the inside of the doors, it smells great, goes on and buffs off like a dream and it’s very slick and hydrophobic. Can’t wait to try it on the customers defender, just waiting for the new era ceramic coating to fully cure and the next time the car gets washed.

  3. Andy (verified owner)

    Quick Detailer Pro really is an excellent product. I’ve used it on a dry vehicle and also as a drying aid on a wet vehicle…. Left a super slick finish and very hydrophobic. Soooo easy to apply with no streaking at all. I’ve used QD Pro along with Alloy Armour and the car really pops with a deep reflective gloss. Durability seems to be good too… Both QD Pro & Alloy Armour are going strong after 3 weeks. Both products make maintenance washes a breeze. Highly recommend. I’ll be ordering some more products from Pyramid…. Very impressed so far. My father is picking up a brand new car in 2 weeks, I think I’ll give the 5yr ceramic coating a try as looks very straightforward and easy to apply.

  4. Bradley Spurgin (verified owner)

    This has quickly become my go to product!!

    Super easy to use with just a few sprays round each side of the car, can’t quite put my finger on what the smell is but it smells amazing.

    Gloss levels are off the chart and it’s very hydroponic.

    Absolutely nothing to do with the product inside but the bottle is very pleasing to the eye and feels premium. Always a pleasure to use!!

  5. Neil (verified owner)

    7th October 2020 – Quick Detailer Pro.

    First reaction was it passed the sniff test on opening the packaging and checking the bottle, comes with a sturdy spray trigger.

    I initially used this as a drying aid after a wash, which on reading the instructions I noticed it was recommended to be used on dry cool surfaces, however with one or two spray mists per panel and levelled with a damp short pile microfibre, ringing out the towel after each panel, then buffing a minute later with a longer pile microfibre seemed to work perfectly. The outside temperature was roughly 10-15 degrees.
    It spread lovely and left no residue or stickiness, with hardly any used from the bottle, less is more.

    The gloss and finish was very impressive and the surface was slick with very little resistance. I was eager to see how hydrophobic the Quick Detailer Pro would be….

    A day later thanks to the lovely Scottish weather I woke to some lovely and impressive tight beading formed on the horizontal surfaces, with no water on the other panels. As soon as I drove out the driveway down a slight decline they disappeared effortlessly thanks to the surface tension left behind, and no watermarks left behind either.

    Thoroughly impressed with this product, given its price, ease of use and versatility in way that I used it. I’m sure the longevity of it will live up to it’s claimed 6 week protection also, thanks again folks!

    • Callum, Co-Founder


      Huge thanks for this detailed and positive review. I’m pleased to hear your feedback.

      Let me know when you come to topping up, and I’ll have a special discount to say thanks for the time taken with this review.

  6. Nial Huggan (verified owner)

    Works really well, easy on, easy off and gave my bike a lovely shine. Ideal for a motorbike.
    Smells pretty pleasant too.

    Would certainly buy this item again.

    • Callum, Co-Founder

      Thanks for the positive feedback. This is one of my favourite products. It’s so versatile!

  7. Nick Gillibrand (verified owner)

    Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer Pro

    This literally just landed on my door step and I couldn’t help getting it straight out on some watermarks and dust already picked up a few days after a good wash!

    Ok firstly I also ordered a couple of microfibres and for just £1.50 each they are very good quality short pile, ideal for applying and buffing spray waxes and detailers. Can’t fault those 10/10

    The detailer initial reaction WOW! I had some water marks that looked pretty baked on and the bottom of the panel was actually filthy from a puddle and should have been beyond a waterless wash but a couple squirts and one swoop of the towel and it was back to a mirror shine! these marks came off so easy as it was slick and lubricated, with one pass and no pressure on the towel totally spotless, I flipped to a clean side to buff but there wasn’t any need it flashed off to a perfect finish on its own.

    Being eager I went in a little heavy handed and got some overspray on the glass, but no worries at all another quick swoop with a clean side of the towel and that was also perfect streak free.

    So far another 10/10 from me!

    It’s definitely going in my glove box for any touch ups on the go!

  8. Steve Smith (verified owner)

    After watching the Paul Dolden details channel on YouTube, Paul was using the Quick Detailer Pro from Pyramid Car Care on a Ford KA and I was impressed with the finish, so I had to purchase a bottle!!
    After washing the cars in our family household, I applied the Quick Detailer Pro and the results were amazing!! Deep gloss finish and a really smooth feel to the paintwork!! One of the best quick detailers I have ever used!!
    Thank you so much Pyramid products for this amazing product, very, very pleased with my purchase!! No doubt I will purchase more and tell others about your product(s).

    Ps I sometimes use the quick detailer on my white gloss kitchen cupboard doors and draws and the shine is totally awesome!!!! Makes my kitchen look brand new!!

  9. Jonathan

    I’m inexperienced when it comes to car detailing, I normally just use a good wash & wax, rinse and dry. I bought Quick Detailer Pro under recommendation of a local professional detailer who had polished my car a couple of weeks beforehand. I’m really impressed after first use, I don’t polish/wax my car with pastes or creams as it takes too much time and leaves powdery residue. This product is very quick and easy to use and the finish truly outstanding on all surfaces, have loved watching all the recent rain beading and streaming off the car! The car also seems to stay cleaner for longer, I assume because the dirty water from the road is running off the surface and also being washed off by the rain.

    By the way, excellent response from Pyramid to some questions I had, thanks Ry.

  10. Antony Whiting (verified owner)

    Absolute fantastic service, delivered within 24hrs , product is brilliant, great packaging and ease of use, superb results.Will definitely be ordering again.

    • Callum, Co-Founder

      You’re a gent Tony! Thanks for the positive review! We’re looking forward to seeing you using the products. If you need anything else, just give us a shout.

  11. Russell Benham (verified owner)

    Quite possibly the best detailing spray I have ever used!!!
    So easy, a nice mist and it just melts into the panels with a light buff providing an outstanding level of gloss!
    The perfect partner for pyramids ceramic coating.
    Highly recommend!

    • Callum, Co-Founder

      If Carlsberg did product reviews. They would probably look something like this ^^ Thanks Russell.

  12. Graeme McArthur (verified owner)

    First impressions … black bottle with the high quality label is spot on!, a real quality look and feel to the product, love it!.

    Spray quality….. what can you say?, switch to spray setting and it produces a lovely fine mist of product without any dripping down the side of the neck, so spot on with that too!.

    Scent & colour…… scent is amazing!!, real quality fragrance and although scent or colour isn’t important to the product use, I think it’s important to point out that it’s not dye heavy and has zero risk of staining.

    Ease of use….. couple of sprays and it spread very easily without sticking, no over roll with the cloth, just allowed it to glide nicely and with one turn of the cloth, buffed off to a brilliant shine. Totally effortless.

    Gloss levels are deep and wet looking, looking like a just waxed car, so an ideal top up product after washing to boost the wax protection.

    Beading is fantastic too with tall, even beads and provides a fantastic level of sheeting too for a quick detailer.

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