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Pyramid Car Care Interior Cleaner has a high-foaming and powerful formulation which works on a variety of hard and soft interior surfaces including plastic, fabric, leather, and rubber. It quickly and easily takes care of stubborn dirt and wipes away to leave a residue-free finish and fresh scent.

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Key Features

  • Powerful Cleaner: easily removes stubborn dirt, stains, and sticky residues
  • High-Foaming: allows you to agitate and clean the dirt effectively
  • Residue-Free: doesn’t leave behind a shiny or sticky finish
  • Versatile: works on plastic, rubber, fabric, and leather

How to Use Pyramid Car Care Interior Cleaner

  • Vacuum the interior and remove any rubbish prior to using the cleaner
  • Shake the product and spray onto the surface or onto a microfiber towel/ brush
  • Gently agitate and allow the product to create a foaming action
  • Wipe away the cleaner using a microfiber towel to leave a clean, residue-free finish

Pro Tip

Keep a bottle of our Interior Cleaner in your glove box for emergencies. You never know when an inconsiderate passenger might spill a drink or get greasy fingerprints all over the doors and dash, so have a bottle of Interior Cleaner and one of our microfiber cloths handy just in case!

Why Choose Pyramid Car Care Interior Cleaner?

Pyramid Car Care Interior Cleaner is the ideal all-in-one solution to keep your vehicle’s cabin in immaculate condition. The powerful cleaning agents easily take care of dirt, grease, and sticky stains and spillages, and the high-foaming action makes it a joy to use.

This cleaner is safe to use on interior plastics, rubber, fabrics and leather, so you don’t need to keep switching to different chemicals and can quickly and efficiently keep your car’s interior in-check.

The residue-free formulation means you don’t need to worry about sticky-feeling surfaces. Instead, just spray, agitate and wipe away to leave a natural, clean finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which surfaces can Interior Cleaner be used on?

Interior Cleaner can be used on fabric, leather, rubber, and plastic surfaces. This includes upholstery, floor mats, dashboards, door cards, carpets, headliners, door handles, and steering wheels. For windows and infotainment screens, please view our Glass Cleaner.

Can Interior Cleaner be diluted?

Interior Cleaner is designed to work as a ready-to-use (RTU) product, but the powerful cleaning capability and high-foaming action means you can dilute it if you want to stretch the bottle. This can be useful for quick wipe-downs on well-maintained interiors. Try using it between 1:1 and 3:1.

How do I remove stains from fabric mats and seats?

First vacuum the area, and then spray Interior Cleaner liberally onto the surface. Allow to dwell for a few minutes (but do not allow to dry), and then use a microfibre towel to blot and wipe the stain. On tough stains you may need to repeat these steps. Equally, if you have a steam cleaner or wet-vac extractor you can use this to speed up the process.


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