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Glass Coating Coming Soon

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1-2 years protection for your glass with an easy to apply glass coating.

Currently in final real world tests by professional detailers.

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How to use Glass Coating

Before you apply glass coating, you should thoroughly wash and dry all glass surfaces, you wish to apply glass coating to.

  1. Add a few drops to your microfibre applicator pad
  2. Apply in a criss-cross pattern 1 window pane at a time – we recommend applying to your windscreen and rear screen in 2 sections
  3. Leave the coating to bond on the glass surface for 15 seconds
  4. Wipe away excess residue with a clean microfibre cloth
  5. Buff the glass with a secondary clean microfibre cloth
  6. Apply a second layer. Following steps 1 to 5.
  7. Leave the coating to cure for 4 hours before getting the car wet and wait 3 days before washing and using any other chemicals on the glass


5 reviews for Glass Coating Coming Soon

  1. Karens Mhitarjans (verified owner)

    Purchased glass coating, used on my clients car. This product is very easy to use, hydrophobic effect is brilliant! Coating brings the slickness and shine to a glass. Thx Pyramid Care Care for delivering great products!

  2. Josh Hope (verified owner)

    Tested this product on my own vehicle before using it on customers vehicles and it seems amazing. Super easy to apply and the hydrophobic properties are brilliant, water just beads straight off and windscreen never seems to dirty for long as the dirt runs straight off in the rain. Will definitely be using this continuously at JH Detailing!

  3. Nick Gillibrand

    Very easy to apply as others have said.
    I have it on a couple of months now. Since then it has continued to impress me with water flying off around 40mph and never needing to use wipers on duel carriage ways, also still blowing my mind is how much it self cleans. After a drive where muck builds up around the edges of the screen I often return to the car and if it has been raining this has completely gone. Also when driving county lanes and getting splattered with thick mud rather than smearing you can see the dirt encapsulated into the water beads and sheet off.

    I have written a longer review of application and initial thoughts here:

    And also featured as my Glass Care Product of 2020:


    Amazing how easy is to apply. It really is a pro-ceramic coating but with no more buff than a paste wax. Impossible to leave streaks a great performance.

    Tested on real conditions on 3 test cars. Hitted with very strong degreasers and acids, it performs like the day that was applied. Great job PCC.

    Carlos, prodetailer at Ignition Detailing

  5. brandon dunn

    This product is awesome! Super easy to apply and for 1-2 years protection it’s a no brainer

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