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Clay bar is an ultra effective paint surface contamination removal tool.

Use Clay bar to prepare paint surfaces for car polishing and ceramic coating.

100g clay bar (8cm x 6cm x 1cm).

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How to use clay bar?

  1. Before using clay bar, thoroughly wash and dry the car or vehicle – to remove any lose dirt, soil or dust from the surface
  2. Break your Clay into smaller pieces, and work it around your hands rolling and stretching it. This will warm and loosen the clay – making it easier to use. Alternatively you can soak the clay bar in warm tap water to achieve the same result.
  3. Flatten the piece of clay into a small circular shape
  4. We recommend tap water or clay lube. Spray the lubrication onto a small section of the paintwork.
  5. Glide the piece of clay over the paint work. To begin with you will feel surface friction, this is caused by the paint contamination you are trying to remove. Pull the clay gently across the surface and after a few passes it will feel smoother. That’s when you know the clay is removing harmful contaminants.
  6. Regularly check that you are using a clean clay bar. As it gets dirtier and darker, it becomes less effective and risks causing damage to your paintwork. When you have used both clean sides, fold the clay into itself 2 times and flatten it again.
  7. Complete steps 4, 5 and 6 until you have removed as much paint surface contamination as possible. Don’t forget to complete the clay bar process in small sections, to reduce the risk of causing damage by using heavily contaminated clay.

When you’re finished the paintwork should feel smooth to touch, and then it’s ready for polishing or applying a Ceramic Coating.

Why use a clay bar?

A clay bar should be used before paint correction or application of a long term paint sealant, wax or ceramic coating.

Clay will remove bonded contamination from the paintwork, reducing the chance of picking this up with your machine polisher and also giving your ceramic coating or ceramic wax the best surface to bond too. An essential step!

When should you use a clay bar?

The bag test. Put a finger into a plastic bad and rub the surface of your car. If it feels rough it may be time for clay! Once every 6-12 months depending on contamination.

Never use a dirty clay bar, or a clay bar which has been dropped on the floor. This can cause scratches.

Will clay cause any damage?

Any contact with your paint is bad contact. Claying should only be completed before polishing, waxing or ceramic coating. Whilst every effort has been made to make our clay bar as kind as possible, you are removing bonded contamination, every effort should be made once removed to keep this from coming into contact with your paint again. Regular folding of your clay is important!

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 cm

1 review for Clay Bar 100g

  1. Nick Gillibrand

    As pictured it comes in a handy resealable pouch to store away which is very handy.
    I used it today in cool temperatures and it was very pliable, I broke off a manageable chunk easily and it didn’t need much warming up to form a nice flat shape to use. Almost tacky to touch before lubing up it really does grab those contaminates with the lightest of pressure.

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