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Pyramid Car Care Citrus Prewash is an impressive pre-cleaner capable of removing heavy mud and grime prior to hand-washing. The powerful surfactants and cleaning agents are highly effective at breaking down traffic film so it can be easily rinsed away. This drastically reduces the risk of causing scratches and swirl marks during the subsequent hand-washing stage.

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Key Features

  • Exceptional Cleaning Power: to strip heavy traffic film, mud, and dried bugs
  • Highly Concentrated: can be used neat or diluted to 10:1 in a spray bottle
  • Versatile: can be used on paintwork, wheels, tyres, engine bays, and door shuts
  • Safe on Waxes and Coatings: when diluted Citrus Prewash will not degrade protection

How to Use Pyramid Car Care Citrus Prewash

  • Spray Citrus Prewash neat or diluted onto the dirtiest areas (e.g. lower sections). It can be applied onto dry surfaces but never in direct sunlight or on warm/ hot panels.
  • Leave to soak for a few minutes but do not allow to dry.
  • Rinse thoroughly using a pressure washer.

Pro Tips

You can also mix 50-100mL of Citrus Prewash with a snow foam to increase the cleaning power and cut through heavy grime during the pre-wash stage. You can also apply Citrus Prewash first, and then layer a snow foam over the top to increase the dwell time.

Citrus Prewash is a highly versatile product that can also be used to clean tyres and engine bays. Try using it neat on the tyres, and dilute it 4:1 for use on engine bays. It also works great at a 4:1 dilution on grubby door shuts, fuel filler caps, and wheel arches.

Why Choose Pyramid Car Care Citrus Prewash?

Driving in harsh winter conditions and wet weather means our vehicles quickly get covered in road grime, mud, and salt. This layer of traffic film is very abrasive, so it’s essential to thoroughly pre-wash the vehicle prior to hand-washing to avoid inflicting swirl marks.

Our Citrus Prewash is specifically designed to deal with the toughest levels of grime, easily ripping through the dirt so it can be effortlessly rinsed away with a pressure washer. This helps get the car as clean as possible before contact-washing with a mitt.

Citrus Prewash isn’t just a winter product either. It also works amazingly in summer to remove bug splats that cover the front bumper, bonnet, and door mirrors.

The formula is highly concentrated meaning you can dilute it (down to 10:1) according to the level of dirt on the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Citrus Prewash degrade or strip waxes and sealants?

Citrus Prewash will not degrade, or remove waxes and sealants when diluted accordingly. We recommend diluting the product to 10:1 to avoid degrading the protection.

Should I use Citrus Prewash or a snow foam?

Citrus Prewash is designed to be used on the dirtiest areas of the vehicle e.g. the lower sections. You can use Citrus Prewash in conjunction with a snow foam (e.g. Hydro Foam) by layering Citrus Prewash over the dirtiest areas and applying a snow foam on top to cover the entire vehicle. Alternatively, you can mix the two products together in a foam lance to boost the cleaning power of the snow foam.

Additional information

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4 reviews for Citrus Prewash – 500ml

  1. Nick Gillibrand (verified owner)

    Having done over 700 miles since I last washed the car in mixed weather conditions, the car had a good layer of traffic film and mud to try and shift before the contact wash so it is a perfect time to try out a pre wash product.

    The first thing I noticed while spraying onto the bodywork was it foamed up slightly which means the product stays in place and is breaking down the dirt for a long time. This is something I’ve noticed with Pyramid products in general, they really seem to nail the thickness and usability.

    While that was dwelling away I thought I’d try it out on the wheels, tyres and muddy inner arches. I just sprayed on the surface and agitated with the appropriate brushes, All areas rinsed down leaving behind a great finish. I can honestly say I’ve had dedicated wheel cleaners and tyre dressing strippers that haven’t been as effective as this product!

    I could have layered snow foam over the body to extend that cleaning time even further but I was keen to see how well the pre wash performed on its own so rinsed the car down. It loosened a good percentage of the traffic film that rinsing alone couldn’t have budged before. This product is also described as wax safe, which is handy as I have recently done my winter protection, so I wouldn’t want to that to take too much of a hit if I’m going to use this regularly.

    I didn’t get chance to test this but apparently the Citrus Pre Wash is also a good bug remover and is still effective diluted 10-1, so much more than a standard pre wash, so much more versatile than I expected.

    This will definitely be part of my winter washing kit this year.

  2. Anthony Sheehy (verified owner)

    An extremely good prewash product that you see working the instant it hits the car. This is defo my new go to citrus prewash. Top job Pyramid!!!

  3. Sarah Clark

    Bit of tar and glue remover and shampoo from Pyramid Car Care and my car looks like new. Not only cleaning the dirt off but getting rid of the green paint from a barrier that walked into my car 😂

  4. Nath Hamlett

    This one banished the bugs and grime with ease. Highly recommend.

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