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Please note the following product has been discontinued and we will not be restocking this product. However we are currently working on a brand new range of Ceramic Coating products, which will be launching soon. For more information please email info@pyramidcarcare.co.uk.

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Ceramic Wax blends advanced nanotechnology with the very best of conventional waxes, to create an incredibly easy to use car wax, that offers 5-6 months paint protection, enviable gloss and hydrophobicity that creates water beading to rival leading hybrid ceramic waxes. Infused with a unique scent, Ceramic Wax is one detailing product you won’t forget in a hurry.

Use as a standalone wax or apply over the top of Ceramic Coatings such as Premium Ceramic Coating or Ceramic Coating Pro.

Want to see Ceramic Wax in action? Watch this review by Detailing World.

Suitable for use on paintwork, metal, plastic, and wheels.

Looking for Car Detailing and Valeting Services in Worcestershire or recommendations for detailers near you? Contact services@pyramidcarcare.co.uk

The best of both worlds, Ceramic Wax harnesses sophisticated nanotechnology in the form of SiO2, with the very best of conventional waxes including Carnauba and synthetic waxes.

Recently reviewed and tested by Detailing World and The Review Warriors this hard wax has been described as “Going on like butter” and “The beading and sheeting properties are absolutely amazing” – by Mat at Detailing World.

This wax is a collaboration between Pyramid Car Care and ODK (a car wax specialist).

How to apply Ceramic Wax

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the car first
  2. Use a panel wipe or IPA to prepare the surfaces for application
  3. Apply Ceramic Wax in either a crisscross or circular pattern
  4. After 5-10 minutes wipe away the excess residue with a clean microfibre cloth
  5. Then gently buff the paintwork with a second clean microfibre cloth

For best results allow the wax to cure for 4 hours without driving or getting the vehicle wet

Top tips to help you get the most out of Ceramic Wax

  1. The cleaner the paintwork the better the bond
  2. Apply the wax very thinly for best results and to reduce wastage – the wax should be barely visible during application, if you have thick visible layers of wax on the surface, you will have an excess or wastage of wax.
  3. You can apply the wax over Ceramic Coatings to enhance gloss, water behaviour and durability of the ceramic coating


How many cars will 1 jar of Ceramic Wax (100ml) cover?

30-40 cars.

One of the joys of using a wax, is regularly applying the wax, to keep the car looking it’s best. This Wax could easily last 3 years, with as regular as monthly top up applications.

Is Ceramic Wax classed as a Ceramic Coating?

No. This unique and sophisticated formula includes SiO2 but is not a pure SiO2 Ceramic Coating like Ceramic Coating Premium or Ceramic Coating Pro, as it also includes a blend of Carnauba wax and Synthetic Waxes.

What’s the difference between Ceramic Wax and Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Wax will last for 5-6 months, and can be reapplied regularly like a traditional wax.

Whereas our Ceramic Coatings offer between 2 years and 5 years paint protection with a single application, and regular maintenance.

What is the shelf life?

5 years from opening.

What products do you recommend using after applying Ceramic Wax?

Wax safe or pH neutral shampoos and pre washes.

Our Snow Foam and Ultra Shampoo are safe to use.

If you are using our Citrus Prewash we recommend diluting the product first, from 5:1 to 10:1.

We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals on cars with Ceramic Wax applied.

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13 reviews for Ceramic Wax (Discontinued)

  1. anthony roome (verified owner)

    Best wax I’ve ever used absolutely superb.

  2. Alex Holden

    I purchased this wax on black Friday after reading various reviews from others and I’ve been itching to use it since, its fair to say the positive reviews were bang on.

    Finally managed to use it today and WOW, it is absolutely amazing to apply and very simple instructions to follow can be found on the website, I cannot describe how incredible the smell is from this wax when applying either, the finish it has left after applying it out of this world.

  3. Leigh Priestley (verified owner)

    Absolute win of a product this.

    So easy to apply. I’ve spent the last few months starting out in the valeting world, and this product has given me an addition of something great to add.

    First use on my own vehicle today, easy on easy off. You can see the difference immediately.

    Again, top product, and a beaut smell to it too!

  4. Albert Brindley

    it’s the best wax iv personally used i am not in no means a professional!!
    but i have used a lot of products and this is hands down the best wax i have used I got amazing results from just the products alone.. and the wax on top just set it off! even my wife said she’s not seen a car of mine with that reflection from myself cleaning it

  5. Nick Gillibrand (verified owner)

    So on receiving the product there was no gimmicks with display boxes or masses of literature like some big brands just a neatly labelled and classy feeling glass pot and a simple foam applicator pad thrown in for good measure. Straight in for a sniff and it’s delicious but one of those you can’t quite put your finger on kind of sweet berry scented no hint of solvent like some others I have. The pour was perfectly smooth with just a slight crack of shrinkage around the outside.

    Usability was as advertised it spread thin and evenly, I went across the bonnet first to see what curing time was like and when I finished spreading here it wasn’t quite ready so I carried on applying down the side before returning to buff off. With my Pyramid microfibre towel which I have previously praised for being a bargain at just £1.50 I removed most of the product with one easy swipe and flipping for a final buff I was very impressed with how easy this was no streaks, no grabby bits, no excessive buffing! I’m not sure a wax could be easier. Filled with confidence after the first pass getting the bonnet and one side of the car in one hit I continued to do the other side and rear in a second pass then the roof and front bumper on a thrid it was completed in less than an hour!

    On completion I stood back and was very happy with the results as the sun was getting low in the sky it wasn’t just reflective like you’d get with most spray products the colour was really glowing and looked much deeper than I can remember. Obviously I can’t comment on durability yet but hopefully I’ll check in on this car now and again to see how it’s holding up.

    The list price puts it very much in the premium category for me as a special treat but it did not In any way disappoint *****

  6. Karl Mason (verified owner)

    As a weekend enthusiast I have many many products , always looking for the holy grail of of stuff. My go to wax has always been Swissvax. Yes I know its expensive, but it is so so easy to use and smells great. I have wax’s from AF, Bilt Hamber, Dodo, Race glaze Soft 99, blackfire to name a few, all very good, but some I just struggled to to get on with which I know is me and not the wax its self.

    So I was pointed to this wax by Phil at Listers body shop after the wife’s car was in for a rear end respray. We got talking and he mentioned Pyramid Car care, so I got myself some of the Ceramic Wax to try.

    After a bit of a delivery problem that was sorted out by Ry ( cheers for the Saturday delivery ) I gave it a go.
    Its as easy to apply as Best of Show and just as easy to remove with out any patching, smells as good but different, plus this stuff really hates water.not sure on how long it will last I haven’t had it long.

    It gives a very glossy almost plastic looking finish, a bit like Blackfire Wet diamond, not quite as rich as BOS but really nice looking.
    If you want a wax that looks and smells great, is a breeze to use and doesn’t cost the earth, give it a try.

    Will I buy it again…Yes

    Thanks PCC very nice product.

  7. Karl Mason (verified owner)

    This wax arrived on Saturday morning in the end (thanks Ry) so decided to try on an un prep bonnet which had already got a coat of SV BOS on it.

    A quick wash and a wipe down of the bonnet with Gyeon prep and it was time to try it.
    Swisswax BOS is a dream to use and smells great with looks to rival anything out there, but I was pleasantly surprised by this wax. The smell is great similar to SV but more importantly it was just as easy to use. Very easy to apply and remove after 10 min, like I said I have only done the bonnet so far. Water Behavior is some of the best I have seen. Water beads up and rolls off at around 25-30 mph which is 10 Mph less than SV. Personally I found it easier to use than some of the AF waxes and a lot easier to use than Bilt Hammer DS wax, but that’s just my opinion. Like all things you get used to products and how they work, and for me this is very similar to SV in the way it applies, smells and removes.
    Would I recommend it? Based on the results so far, yes most defiantly. If you want something easy to use smells good and hates water, give it a try.

  8. gary preston

    I have used a number of the pyramid products and they are the best i have ever used.I have 6 cars two of which I have the ceramic coating applied, Ry kindly showed me how to do this on my GTR last year. I then did this on my Range Rover. I have since ceramic polished (not coated) my 2003 350z, 2000 BMW Z3 and recently my F type.. Incredibly the 350 and Z3 despite their age shine like they have never done before. I also use the quick detailer pro as it literally takes 10 mins to do the whole car. The results are with all my cars the water just rolls off and they always look incredibly shiny – oh and they smell great also.
    Great products thoroughly recommend them.
    I note the prices have dropped so even better value for money, the polish will do half a dozen cars!

  9. Russell Benham (verified owner)

    Quite simply the best wax I’ve ever come across!! (And I have many many waxes!)
    Open the lid and BANG a wonderful scent hits you nose, applying this wax is a breeze, easy on/off and gloss levels are insane, I fully recommend this wax! Don’t think about it just purchase it a thank me later!
    Well done yet again pyramid/odk!

  10. Dfine Detailing (verified owner)

    Tried this wax out on a customers Marina Blue BMW M4 recently for a winter protection. Was a pleasure to use, easy on and easy off, so simple. Even if left for a while I found it easy to buff off. Nice reflective gloss finish and water just glides off. Smells great too !

  11. offsetdetailing (verified owner)

    An excellent product! Very easy application and superb results with stunning hydrophobic qualities, anyone can use this wax and gives a similar finish and water behavior to a ceramic coating without the associated risks of ceramic coating applications.

    I will be using this as a go to product for customers wanting a wax application with their car detail. This is also great on alloy wheels, calipers and gloss vinyl wraps.

    Daryl Benfield – Offset Detailing.

  12. Ben Price (verified owner)

    Applied for the first time today on top of the premium ceramic, after only 20 minutes!

    Unbelievably easy to use, smells great and worked way beyond what i was expecting!

    Ordered at 3pm and was delivered 9am the next day!

    You wont find or use anything better💪

    • Callum, Co-Founder

      Big thanks for your review Ben. Your ST is looking tip top.


  13. Jeonghwan Choi (verified owner)

    The smell tickles the tip of my nose when I open this wax.
    Berry scent entertains me while working wax on the car paintwork. I am surprised once again by priming the wax in a fresh mood.
    “Is this wax solid wax?”
    As soon as it touches the painted surface, it melts and forms a transparent film on the clear coat.
    I feel like I”m doing ceramic coating.
    During construction, the Berry scent fills the perimeter,
    The whole car can be built in small quantities.

    Five minutes after the waxing, it was buffed.
    There was no towel during buffing.
    I’ve been buffing it to change the aspect of the towel.
    It was cleared without any trace.
    Place wax on an area of 5 cm × 5 cm.
    I’ve been buffing since 24 hours.
    He showed a clean appearance without Haze

    The towel uses a short speed-polish,
    If you change the surface of the towel,
    Show clean and clear painted noodles.

    To check the persistence
    It was built on an outdoor parking vehicle.
    The next day, I worked on wax again.

    Six months of maximum duration may be difficult,
    in the harsh environment
    It is likely to last more than two months.
    This is an empirical prediction.

    If someone asks me to recommend it except for Canauba Wax,
    I will recommend this ceramic wax.
    Above all, the work is really convenient.
    compared to a comfortable task
    Beading and shitting are really excellent.

    • Callum, Co-Founder

      Thank you so much for the positive review Jeonghwan Choi. As a new product and as you’re one of the earliest customers of Ceramic Wax it’s really pleasing to hear you getting on so well!

      If there’s anything we can help with, feel free to reach out to us.

      Thanks again!

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