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Our Most Advanced Coating Yet. Offering the same easy application as Premium Ceramic Coating.

5 years protection, 9h hardness, extremely high gloss finish, instant drying and 4 hour cure time.

Suitable for Paint, Metal, Plastic, Wheels, Exhaust, PPF and Wraps.

Includes: free microfibre applicator pad with each bottle purchased.

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The next addition to our PRO range. Ceramic Coating PRO is our flagship coating designed with no compromise.

Offering 5 years of protection along with unparalleled levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Harnessing the latest in coating technology, Ceramic Coating PRO offers the ultimate in protection.

Paint will reveal its true potential, darker colours appearing deeper, lighter colours giving a wet look.

PRO will protect against dirt, debris, chemicals, bird lime, acid rain and everything in between. Curing to 9H hardness paintwork will be protected against swirls and wash marring. Keeping your paint looking incredible going forward

Your vehicle will be easier to maintain and allow you to go longer between washes.

Maintaining the coating couldn’t be simpler, simply wash with snow foam, use a quality shampoo and dry. Every few weeks a simple wipe with Quick Detailer PRO or a layer of ceramic wax will keep it looking its best!

Key features

  • Easy to apply
  • 5 years durability
  • 9H hardness
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • 20-30 minute drying time
  • 4 Hour Cure Time
  • High gloss finish
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance


How to apply Ceramic Coating Pro

Before applying a ceramic coating you should safely wash the car, decontaminate the paintwork, correct or enhance the paintwork and do a final wipe over of all surfaces that are to be coated with a panel wipe or IPA.

You should apply Ceramic Coating Pro by hand, using the supplied microfibre applicator pad. In most cases this will take less than 1 hour.

  1. For the first section, pour a line or circle of droplets, of ceramic coating, onto the microfiber applicator pad.
  2. Apply the coating in a crisscross pattern (sometimes referred to as crosshatch), in small sections.
  3. Wait 5-15 seconds for the ceramic coating to flash, then wipe away the excess residue with a clean microfiber cloth and buff with a secondary microfiber cloth
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 around the vehicle, applying the ceramic coating in small sections. After the first section is complete, you should only use 3-5 drops of ceramic coating on the applicator pad (depending on the size of the section you’re applying too).

Ceramic Coating Pro will dry within 20-30 minutes, and that’s it, application complete. We recommend giving the coated vehicle 4 hours to cure before exposing it to rain, and 3 days before using any other car chemicals or cleaning products to allow the coating to fully harden.


3 of the most common questions about Ceramic Coating


What can I apply Ceramic Coating to?

Ceramic Coating PRO can be applied too:

Paint, metal, stainless steel, chrome, gel coatings, plastic, exhausts and wheels, PPF and wraps.

You can apply Ceramic Coating PRO to all Carbon Fibre parts, panels and shields.

It can be applied to chrome pipes, and mufflers as it can withstand temperature over 1000 degrees.

In addition it is safe to apply over the top of factory decals, to add a high gloss finish to your emblems.


What can and can’t Ceramic Coating protect against?

There are common misconception about what exactly ceramic coating can and cannot protect your vehicle against. Lets start off with some common misconceptions:

  • Ceramic Coating will not make your car bullet proof – if this is something you require we recommend contacting Q Branch
  • It will not protect your vehicle against scratches and dents caused by collisions
  • Rock chips are unfortunately inevitable and there isn’t a ceramic coating available that will protect your paintwork, when it happens

However once fully cured and hardened Ceramic Coating will protect against:

  • Light scratches and swirl marks
  • Sunlight and UV rays
  • Ice and snow
  • Acid rain
  • Bird lime
  • Solvents

Ceramic Coating PRO is not a replacement for proper maintenance and a good washing routine, but it’s self-cleaning properties will help to keep your car cleaner for longer, and make washing easier.


Can I apply a wax or sealant on top of the ceramic coating?

It is safe to apply wax and sealant on top of Ceramic Coating PRO. Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Wax can be applied just 30 mins after coating application. all other waxes or sealants we recommend 3 days before application.




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10 reviews for Ceramic Coating Pro

  1. Ian Collins (verified owner)

    After waiting over a year to get my new car, I finally managed to get the car prepared for the ”Pro Coating” had a couple of moments during the application where i struggled to see the flahing off but finally got the hang of it. Well after a few days under cover, i gave it a wash and what amazing water behaviour it gave, my neighbour even commented. Top product.

  2. chris kirk (verified owner)

    Chr Kirk BAV Tinting & Detailing

    i came across this coating while searching for a coating with long durability but also a short cure time.
    it really hasn’t disappointed.

    the depth of gloss and slickness to the to the touch is fantastic.

    this has really changed the game for us turning our wax wanting clients lining up to have their cars coated.

    follow us on facebook and instagram

    facebook ; BAV Tinting & Detailing
    insta : bav_tinting_detailing

  3. Ed (verified owner)

    First time ever using a ceramic coating. Was abit nervous about the whole process as it was a DIY job from myself.

    Was a breeze to apply and buff off following the simple instructions on the box.

    First wash today since applying and must say the car seemed to look cleaner for longer and made washing the car even easier, especially drying!

    Very impressed and won’t hesitate to recommend and purchase more of the PCC products.

  4. Adrian Sayer (verified owner)

    Just completed my second full Pro coating after finalising my wrapped car. Even easier on traditional paint ; less chance of high spots and buffs off effortlessly. Looks great and topped it with Sealant …

  5. Adrian Sayer (verified owner)

    After a positive trade review decided to buy the Pro and apply to my recently wrapped car.
    So straightforward to apply – there is really no need to fear it – just make sure you prep the surface properly and buff thoroughly all the residue after 60-90 seconds. Set like mirror glass. Cannot quite believe how good the finish looks. Well done the guys at Pyramid !

  6. John Donnelly (verified owner)

    Used this product today for the first time and…..Oh My Goooooodnessss!!!! I cannot believe how easy it is to apply and the results you get!!! I used it on a freshly paint corrected Ferrari 360 spider which was Modena blue. I thought it would be difficult to improve on the results of the paint correction, but the Professional ceramic coating took the results to a whole other level. Super impressed and will be offering to all my customers

  7. Alan Gligor (verified owner)

    Hi there!
    My name is Alan!

    I’ve used and tested the Ceramic Pro!
    I was very impressed by the easy application the protection that this ceramic Pro gives the paintwork!
    Very hydrophobic and very glossy as well!!
    I even done a video on my channel to prove how good this ceramic Pro is!
    Thank you

  8. Ewan Chapman

    A friend gave me the product as I usually work with other brands of ceramic coatings, I was surprised at how easy the application is of the ceramic coating.

    I am now going to start offering this as an option for ceramic coatings to my clients as it has a shorter curing time than other well known brands.

    I have high expectations for the customers vehicle recently coated as the gloss is superb and definitely stands out.

    Highly recommended.

  9. Jon (verified owner)

    I have been using the premium ceramic coat from pyramid now for a while, it’s one of my mainstays, so when a 5 year coating was announced I was very keen to try it out.
    I have now applied it to approx 4 vehicles, the ease of application is marvellous. I now have a number of bookings all to receive the “pro” coating. The depth of shine is really astounding. Black paint especially becomes so much deeper after application and buffing.
    I’m now standardising on Pyramid Car Care ceramic coat on all detailing work. I know I can offer my clients 2 or 5 years protection with a product that will do what it states. That’s a huge weight off my mind when preparing paintwork.

  10. Andy Jackson, Auto Mobile Valet

    Great coating, really impressive with excellent gloss levels.

    The whole range of ceramic coatings is super easy to use, even outside thanks to its fast curing characteristics.

    We have been using PCC’s Premium Ceramic Coating for long enough to know that the claims of longevity for their ceramic coatings are spot on so we have really high expectations for this new 5 year coating.

    A great addition to the PCC range making a perfect line up of coatings for us to use on clients cars as a mobile detailing service.

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