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Our Most Advanced Coating Yet.

Offering the same easy application as our Premium Ceramic Coating.

5 years of protection along with unparalleled levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Harnessing the latest in coating technology, Ceramic Coating PRO offers the ultimate in protection.

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The next addition to our PRO range. Ceramic Coating PRO is our flagship coating designed with no compromise.

Offering 5 years of protection along with unparalleled levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Harnessing the latest in coating technology, Ceramic Coating PRO offers the ultimate in protection.

Paint will reveal its true potential, darker colours appearing deeper, lighter colours giving a wet look.

PRO will protect against dirt, debris, chemicals, bird lime, acid rain and everything in between. Curing to 9H hardness paintwork will be protected against swirls and wash marring. Keeping your paint looking incredible going forward

Your vehicle will be easier to maintain and allow you to go longer between washes.

Maintaining the coating couldn’t be simpler, simply wash with snow foam, use a quality shampoo and dry. Every few weeks a simple wipe with Quick Detailer PRO or a layer of ceramic wax will keep it looking its best!

Key features

  • 50ml bottle
  • 5 Years Protection
  • 9H Hardness
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • 20-30 minute drying time
  • 4 Hour Cure Time
  • High gloss finish
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance



Apply Premium Ceramic Coating by hand in 15-20 minutes (once your vehicle is prepared), with a microfibre applicator pad.

  1. Before application wash and dry surfaces
  2. Before application ensure the paintwork is fully decontaminated and if paint correction is required, complete this prior to application
  3. Before application prepare the surface by wiping over with IPA or Panel Wipe to ensure best adhesion
  4. Apply Ceramic Coating by hand using a microfibre applicator pad, panel by panel, following a cross-hatch pattern. Wait 30-90 seconds for the coating to flash and the oil slick pattern to stop moving then buff off with a microfibre cloth. Once all residue is removed wipe the surface again with the second microfibre cloth.

That’s it! Application is complete.


3 of the most common questions about Ceramic Coating


What can I apply Ceramic Coating to?

Ceramic Coating PRO can be applied too:

Paint, metal, stainless steel, chrome, gel coatings, plastic, exhausts and wheels.

You can apply Ceramic Coating PRO to all Carbon Fibre parts, panels and shields.

It can be applied to chrome pipes, and mufflers as it can withstand temperature over 1000 degrees.

In addition it is safe to apply over the top of factory decals, to add a high gloss finish to your emblems.


What can and can’t Ceramic Coating protect against?

There are common misconception about what exactly ceramic coating can and cannot protect your vehicle against. Lets start off with some common misconceptions:

  • Ceramic Coating will not make your car bullet proof – if this is something you require we recommend contacting Q Branch
  • It will not protect your vehicle against scratches and dents caused by collisions
  • Rock chips are unfortunately inevitable and there isn’t a ceramic coating available that will protect your paintwork, when it happens

However once fully cured Ceramic Coating will protect against:

  • Light scratches and swirl marks
  • Sunlight and UV rays
  • Ice and snow
  • Acid rain
  • Bird lime
  • Solvents

Ceramic Coating PRO is not a replacement for proper maintenance and a good washing routine, but it’s self-cleaning properties will help to keep your car cleaner for longer, and make washing easier.


Can I apply a wax or sealant on top of the ceramic coating?

It is safe to apply wax and sealant on top of Ceramic Coating PRO. Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Wax can be applied just 20 mins after coating application. all other waxes or sealants we recommend 3 days before application.




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1 review for Ceramic Coating Pro

  1. Andy Jackson, Auto Mobile Valet

    Great coating, really impressive with excellent gloss levels.

    The whole range of ceramic coatings is super easy to use, even outside thanks to its fast curing characteristics.

    We have been using PCC’s Premium Ceramic Coating for long enough to know that the claims of longevity for their ceramic coatings are spot on so we have really high expectations for this new 5 year coating.

    A great addition to the PCC range making a perfect line up of coatings for us to use on clients cars as a mobile detailing service.

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