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Pyramid Car Care Alloy Armour is an extremely easy to use wipe-on, wipe-off protective product. It leaves behind a slick, glossy, and hydrophobic finish which keeps the alloys cleaner between washes and shields them from corrosive brake dust, salt, and traffic film. It can be used as a stand-alone product or to top-up a ceramic coating.

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Key Features

  • Protects Against Dirt & Brake Dust: offering 6 weeks of protection
  • Slick & Hydrophobic Finish: helps keep the wheels cleaner between washes
  • Increases Depth of Gloss: perfect for painted and diamond cut wheels
  • Easy Application: simply wipe on and then buff to leave a layer of protection

How to Use Pyramid Car Care Alloy Armour

  • Ensure the wheels are clean and dry
  • Spray Alloy Armour onto a microfibre cloth and spread onto the alloy surface
  • Immediately flip the cloth and buff away the residue to leave a slick and glossy finish

Pro Tips

Use our Fallout Remover to deep clean the wheels and dissolve embedded iron contamination prior to applying Alloy Armour. This will help Alloy Armour bond to the wheel surface so it lasts even longer.

Alloy Armour can also be used as a topper for any of our ceramic coatings when applied to the wheels. This will help to boost the gloss, slickness and hydrophobicity, keeping the coating in the best possible condition.

Why Choose Pyramid Car Care Alloy Armour?

Alloy Armour helps keep the wheels cleaner between washes, and also makes it harder for contaminants to stick to the surface, making the cleaning process much easier. With a simple wipe-on application method, it takes just a few minutes to protect all the alloys, and can either be used stand-alone, or to top-up a wheel coating.

Keeping the alloys protected is essential as they are constantly exposed to corrosive brake dust, salt, and traffic film which can damage the finish over time. Alloy Armour shields the wheels from these contaminants, helping to keep them looking fresh.

Dirt and brake dust can also be more easily rinsed from the surface when the wheels are protected with Alloy Armour, thereby reducing the risk of marring when cleaning. This is particularly useful on sensitive finishes such as gloss black and diamond cut wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I apply Alloy Armour?

For maximum protection, apply Alloy Armour every 4-6 weeks to shield the wheels and make them easier to clean.

What do I need to apply Alloy Armour?

Simply use one of our microfibre towels to apply Alloy Armour. You can use one side of the towel to spread the product, and then flip the towel to buff the residue. Alternatively, you can use two separate towels to spread and buff the product.

Can I apply Alloy Armour to ceramic coated wheels?

Alloy Armour is a great option if you want to top-up the protection on your coated wheels. This will help keep the coating fresh and reduce contamination build-up.

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3 reviews for Alloy Armour – 500ml

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    Bought Alloy Armour a few weeks ago and really is an excellent product. So easy to apply and Buff off to leave excellent shine & gloss. Seems to be durable too… One coating applied 3 weeks ago and after lots of rain and muddy roads, 3 maintenance washes…. It’s still working. Highly recommend.

  2. Bradley Spurgin (verified owner)

    Order! Order! Order! This is a must product for any Valeter or Detailer.

    Clean the wheels few sprays of this and wipe over the wheel, little bit of buffing and boom done.

    Leaves a lovely level of gloss on black wheels, super slick to the touch, protects the wheel and it’s hydroponic what isn’t to love?

    I’ll be ordering this by the bucket load! I will be using it as a stand alone product and as a topper for ceramic coated wheels. You won’t be disappointed!

  3. Nick Gillibrand (verified owner)

    Alloy Armour
    Really quick and easy to apply and leaves noticeable slickness and hydrophobic properties to help keep them clean.
    I’ve not had it on long enough to comment on durability but it’s so easy to apply I wouldn’t worry about giving another coat every now and again to top up protection!

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