Huge thanks to everyone who braved the cold and snow, and made it to the Perfectly Cleaned Open Day on Saturday, 17th March.

We had planned to complete detailing demonstrations of the Pyramid Car Care range on a hanging MK4 Golf, but thanks to Ryan Goodyear (@ryangoodyear) Ry got to show off our products on a stunning Audi RS5 in Metallic Blue.

As you’ll see in the video we demonstrated Fallout Remover, and Snow Foam mixed with Citrus Prewash. We also used Ultra Shampoo and  Glass Cleaner, as well as demonstrating our new Ceramic Coating on one panel by request.

All the photo’s we took on the day, can be found on Facebook, which you’ll find here.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event.


Perfectly Cleaned

One of the largest specialist suppliers of Car Care and Detailing products in the UK, Perfectly Cleaned are a well established and knowledgeable retailer based in Worcestershire.

With over 1000 different Car Care and Detailing products from 50 or so brands, including Pyramid Car Care you’re guaranteed to find what you need to keep it clean in store or online at

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