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The Story So Far

We are friends, we are car detailers and enthusiasts and we are Pyramid Car Care.

Our story began in 2016 with a simple idea that you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for quality Car Detailing products.

Car Detailing Products

Our products

Time to clear one thing up. Our story started in 2016, when we started looking past the detailing products we were using on our cars, and began researching the market and suppliers.

We spent 12 months sampling, testing and otherwise putting products to their limits, comparing costs and quality and not skimping on either until we refined our complete detailing range, including 18 products from Car Shampoo to Carnauba Shine and everything in between.

But, we didn’t launch our car detailing products range until May 2017. When we were fully satisfied we had the right products, at the right price, and we trusted that these products would consistently deliver an excellent finish that car detailers, enthusiasts and owners would be proud to use on their cars.

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Are you interested in sponsorship/promoter opportunities?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our individual sponsorship for detailers and car enthusiasts. To launch our first sponsorship package, we’re looking for 9 car enthusiasts, who live, breathe, eat, sleep and drink detailing.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Our growing customer base of car enthusiasts, hobbyist and professional detailers are speaking volumes about our products.

Steven Watson-Brooks for instance, “I am a big fan of your products, at Modstock I did buy a few of your products and the difference between pyramid and say Autoglym is huge, from application to finished result you can really see the product work.”

The truth is, you won’t really believe the results until you see them yourself so checkout our complete car detailing product range, place your order, test our products and let us know how YOU get on.

Car Detailing Products

Join us for the journey

As we strive to supply the very best in car detailing products.

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