Meet The Detailers | Episode 1

Offset Detailing

In the first episode of Meet The Detailers we meet Daryl Benfield, winner of The UK’s Favourite Detailer 2018 and owner of Offset Detailing.

For Daryl the passion for detailing kicked in when he got involved in the show car scene. Today he’s running a successful detailing business serving Essex and London, and is still as passionate about detailing today as he was 20 years ago.

Q&A with Offset Detailing


How did you get in to Detailing?

Back in 2001 I was going to a lot of shows, winning awards, getting best in show, best paintwork and stuff like that. At that point I started looking outside of the box, and asking myself how can I get my finish better and maintain that finish. That eventually snowballed but it was in the show car scene when I really got the detailing bug.

At the time I was working as a graphic designer full time, and detailing part time. Eventually detailing overtook the day job and Offset Detailing was born.

When did Offset Detailing begin?

5 years ago, when detailing finally overtook the day job in graphic design.

“Back in my day it was all about seriously expensive waxes, which are still available, but everything is moving towards that Ceramic Coating market, and everyone is beelining towards it. Whether they have a new car or a 40 year old car, my customers want to know about Ceramic Coatings.”

Daryl Benfield, Offset Detailing

Where do you see detailing going next?

I think we’re going to see Ceramic Coating as potent as the current Ceramic Coatings, in a spray bottle. That could be a game changer for detailing in ease of use and time to apply the coating, but as always it will look best on a freshly machine polished car with no defects.

What has been the biggest challenge running a detailing business?

Winter. People don’t really want to go out and get their car detailed in Winter, and the really cool stuff gets locked up for Winter. Then Christmas and New Years hits, and everyone’s skint.

That’s always hard but especially when you’re starting up. You start to wonder what you’re doing wrong.

You can’t panic too much, you’ve got to persevere and as long as you persevere and you’re passionate about it you’ll do alright!

That’s a wrap for episode 1. 

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