It’s one of the most versatile detailing products around today. In this guide we take a look at how and when to use Quick Detailer Pro. Plus scroll down for top tips from professional detailers.

How to use Quick Detailer

  • Spray it directly on to exterior surfaces* (paintwork, metal, plastic or glass), buff it with one side of a microfibre cloth and then wipe away with another side of the cloth
  • Spray it on to one side of a microfibre cloth, work it into the surface then buff away with the other side of the cloth
  • Spray it directly on to wet surface areas

*If you’re using Quick Detailer Pro outdoors and your car has been in direct sunlight, is in direct sunlight or the paintwork feels warm to touch – we do not recommend spraying Quick Detailer Pro or any other products directly onto the paintwork, metal, plastic or glass. In this case you should use the 2nd method of spraying on to a cloth, or avoid using a quick detailer until the surface(s) cool down.

When to use Quick Detailer

  • At a show or event – not everyone has the luxury of a car transporter trailer so Quick Detailer is your best friend at shows and events, use it to safely, easily and quickly remove waterspots, streaks, smudges, dust, fingerprints and light contamination when you arrive, or throughout the show to give your car a show car finish all day long
  • On a freshly detailed car – if you’ve paid good money or put time and effort into detailing your car, you’ll want it to look it’s best for as long as possible. By finishing the car with Quick Detailer you can further enhance the gloss, increase the durability of wax and other coatings and enhance water repellency to keep the car cleaner for longer
  • On the go – whether you’re on the road meeting friends, trying to impress a date or visit a client. Keep your car looking it’s best by using quick detailer to clean and perfect it’s finish. It’s simple…. Just spray, buff and go!
  • To remove bird turd – bird droppings are our biggest pet hate (literally). They look bad and they’re bad for paint too! Due to it’s acidic nature, when left on paintwork, bird turd burns and etches the surface causing damage to your paintwork. If you catch it, and remove it early enough you can avoid damage. Quick detailer can be used to remove it, quick and easy, spray quick detailer directly over the offence, leave it for a minute and then gently but swiftly wipe it away.

Top tips from professional detailers

Paint Killers Logo

Top tip 1: Use quick detailer as a drying aid 

by Paint Killers. Automotive customisation specialists in wrapping, paint & body work and detailing. Based in Yorkshire.

“Spray a light mist of quick detailer on to a wet panel and then lightly spray on to your drying towel too. Instead of drying the vehicle straight away, work the quick detailer and then dry it.”

“Quick Detailer Pro is absolutely amazing on gloss wheels too”

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True Reflection Logo

Top tip 2: Use mini sprays

by True Reflection. Smart repairs, detailing, paint correction and protection. Based in Surrey. 

“I personally only use quarter trigger mini sprays (4 per panel) plus one on the microfibre, minimal pressure and watch it melt away into the panel, quick flip of the towel and buff to reveal the gloss.”

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Midland Valeting Perfection Logo

Top tip 3: Use it with a clay mitt

by Midland Valeting Perfection. Detailing and Valeting. Based in Worcestershire.

“Use quick detailer with a clay mitt to guarantee no scratches on a wet or dry car”

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Introducing Quick Detailer Pro

Quick Detailer Pro

Spray, buff and go with Quick Detailer Pro our flagship spray and wipe solution.

Quick Detailer Pro has been designed to quickly and safely clean your car to show car standards. It’s advanced cross linking polymer formula clings to dirt particles, and allows you to safely remove them, leaving behind an ultra glossy, streak-free shine.

Proven to prolong the durability of wax and other coatings. Quick Detailer Pro is the perfect maintenance partner to Premium Ceramic Coating.

Safe for use on all paint finishes, glass, plastic, black rubber, chrome and alloy wheels.

Share your tips in the comments below

How do you use Quick Detailer Pro? If you’ve got a top tip, that we’ve not mentioned, share it in the comments below. We look forward to reading your tips.