Why Use Ceramic Coating?

Features and Benefits

24 Months Protection

9H Scratch Resistance

UV and Chemical Protection

4 Hour Cure Time

Unrivalled Gloss Enhancement

Applications: Paint, Metal, Exhaust, Wheels and Plastic

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Offset Detailing

Daryl Benfield, Offset Detailing, winner of the UK’s favourite detailer competition reviews our new Premium Ceramic Coating.

The Pyramid Car Care ceramic coating is a joy to use. A good amount of drops onto a microfibre applicator block, then apply to the panel in a criss cross pattern to ensure even coverage. I usually do a panel at a time (for example the bonnet) then two microfibre cloths to remove residue. The first remove the bulk of product and the second to follow up any residue you have left behind. Repeat this process around the entire vehicle.

Curing time for this coating is only a few hours which is great if you are on a tight timescale. The gloss is superb with an added depth to the paintwork. Pearls and metallic paint really pop with this. Water behaviour is extremely good too.

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