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Q What is Car Detailing

Car detailing is becoming increasingly popular as many vehicle owners are looking for a way to ensure their car kept is in the best possible cosmetic condition, so they can enjoy their investment to the fullest.
So, what exactly is car detailing, and what is involved in the process?

Detailing a car involves deep cleaning, enhancing and protecting it to improve the cosmetic condition. Both the interior and the exterior of a car can be detailed to essentially make the car look as new and pristine as possible.

Here at Attentive Detailing, we offer a fully mobile detailing service for your convenience which can be provided at your home or workplace. Our services include paint correction, ceramic coating application and deep cleaning to achieve the best possible vehicle appearance.

Q Deep Cleaning

A vehicle which has been detailed as opposed to just given a basic wash and valet will be noticeably cleaner and newer looking.
In fact, many car owners who have recently purchased a second-hand vehicle will get it professionally detailed so it feels like they are driving a brand-new car instead of one that is several years old.
The deep cleaning process is applicable for both the interior and exterior. Here are some examples of how detailing goes a step further to make the vehicle as clean as possible:
• The wheel arches are given a thorough clean to remove the built-up dirt and debris.
• Ultra-soft exterior detailing brushes are used to clean difficult to reach areas such as badges and grilles.
• The paintwork is treated to a chemical and physical decontamination process to remove bonded contaminants so it feels smooth again.
• Interior fabrics are extracted to leave them looking and feeling completely clean.
• Interior plastics, including intricate areas such as the air vents are dusted and steam cleaned.
Not only is the car given an exceptionally deep clean, but it is also performed in a manner which is safe for the vehicle’s condition.
If a car is washed improperly, for example by using unsuitable techniques, tools and chemicals then there is a high chance of imperfections being introduced into the finish. This can include clear coat scratches and swirl marks, or even chemical staining which causes the paintwork to look dull.
Roadside and automatic car wash services use abrasive tools such as sponges and brushes, and aggressive chemicals which both cause clear coat damage.
Here are Attentive Detailing we use the safest techniques and highest quality equipment and chemicals to prevent this kind of damage from being inflicted. Here’s how we do it:
• The car is thoroughly pre-washed prior to making contact with the panels to remove as much dirt as possible and reduce the risk of scratches being introduced during the next stage.
• A safe two-bucket wash method is performed using super soft microfiber wash mitts instead of sponges and brushes. A high-quality car shampoo is also used to lubricate the panels.
• Filtered, warm air is used to blast water out of areas which are particularly prone to trapping it (e.g., door mirrors and grilles) to avoid water spots. Plush microfiber towels are also used to gently dry the panels.

Q Enhancement and Correction

Part of the detailing process involves enhancement of the finish. This most commonly applies to the paintwork but can also apply to other areas such as the exhaust tips and badges.
The vast majority of vehicles on the road have imperfections in the clear coat (top) layer of paint that provides it with a shiny finish. These imperfections are often referred to as clear coat scratches and are typically inflicted when the vehicle is washed using improper techniques and tools.
These imperfections cause the car to look dull in all lighting conditions, but are particularly noticeable on a sunny day where they often resemble spiderwebs and swirls.
Even brand-new cars are highly likely to be littered with these clear coat scratches as they are usually washed improperly either at the dealership or prior to arriving.
In order to achieve the glossiest finish, these clear coat imperfections can be removed via machine polishing. It’s easy to recognise a car which has been detailed as the paintwork will have a stunning mirror-like finish as it has been corrected and refined.
Different levels of paint correction can be provided depending on the condition of the car.
At Attentive Detailing we offer single-stage, 2-stage and 3-stage paint correction packages and can advise on the level required upon inspection of the vehicle.
• Single stage: enhances and removes 60-80% of swirl marks
• 2-Stage: suitable for removing moderate clear coat imperfections
• 3-Stage: recommended for cars with deeper clear coat scratches

Q Protection

Once the car has been thoroughly cleaned and enhanced, it must be protected to preserve the finish.
Protecting the paintwork has the following functions which help to keep the car looking newer for longer:
• Provides a hydrophobic and slick surface which repels water and dirt to keep the car cleaner between washes.
• Enhances the appearance by providing a high-gloss finish.
• Shields the paintwork from contaminants such as tar, tree sap, and mineral deposits.
• Helps to prevent fading by offering UV protection.
At Attentive Detailing we offer the choice of a 12-month wax which provides a high level of protection at a very affordable price point, or a ceramic coating which provides unparalleled protection and durability.
We offer several coatings to suit different requirements and budgets including the 2-year, 3-year and 5-year Pyramid Car Care coatings, and the latest Gyeon Evo Collection of ceramic coatings.
We are also able to apply a coating to other areas of the vehicle including the windows, wheels, plastic trim, headlights and exhaust. Applying a coating to the glass helps to improve visibility when driving in the rain as water beads up and rolls off the windscreen.
It’s not just the exterior surfaces of the car that can be protected. We also offer packages which include protection of the interior surfaces to help them stay clean and reduce the rate of general wear and tear.
We offer interior leather and fabric protection which leaves a hydrophobic coating that repels spillages and dirt and subsequently prevents staining. Protecting the leather also helps to shield it from UV damage, dye transfer and friction which would otherwise cause it to look worn prematurely.

Q Detailing Packages at Attentive Detailing

Here at Attentive Detailing, we offer a range of packages to suit all budgets and requirements.
• Deep Clean – leaves the interior and exterior looking immaculately clean.
• The Protection Package – includes a full decontamination, single stage correction and protection of both the interior and exterior surfaces.
• The Attentive Detail Package – our flagship package which includes an interior deep clean, 2-stage correction and ceramic coating application.
• Paint Correction – single-stage, two-stage and three-stage options are available.
• Ceramic Coating – application of industry-leading protection to the exterior surfaces.
• Maintenance Scheme – for clients who have had their vehicle previously detailed by us and would like the interior and exterior cleaning on a more regular basis.
Please call 07572 261849 or email for more information or to book a detailing service. You can also visit our Detailing & Valeting Services Page for a full list of services and prices.

Q What is included in a full detail?

A full detail involves a deep clean of the interior and exterior. The paintwork will be chemically and physically decontaminated (using clay) and machine polished to enhance the finish. Both the exterior and interior surfaces will then be protected.
If you are interested in having your vehicle full detailed, please see out Attentive Detailing Package for more information and prices.

Q What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

Detailing goes a step further than valeting by providing a deeper clean and utilising decontamination processes, as well as enhancing the paintwork via machine polishing and protecting it using industry-leading forms of protection such as ceramic coatings.

Q Do new cars need detailing?

New cars need detailing to correct clear coat imperfections which are typically inflicted when the car is prepared at the dealership prior to collection, or at the factory. It is also important to protect the interior and exterior surfaces to preserve their condition.

Q Is detailing a car worth it?

Having your car detailed allows you to protect your investment and improves the future resale value. Not only does detailing make the vehicle look in best condition, but it also helps to keep it that way by protecting so it looks as new as possible, for as long as possible.