We get a lot of questions about Pyramid Car Care and our Premium Ceramic Coating, most commonly the questions come direct from Detailers, but over the last year as the Pyramid Car Care brand has grown, and more and more detailers are using and promoting our products we’ve noticed that our customers are helping us field questions too.

We teamed up with Russell at True Reflection  to share some of the most common questions and answers. Read what Russell has to say about Pyramid Car Care below….

How easy is it to use?

I was always sceptical about using ceramic coatings with all their down falls, cure times, application methods etc, until I saw Pyramid Car Care’s ceramic coating come up.

Being a mostly mobile detailer I wanted something easy to apply with a fast cure time.

Once the car is “prepped” make sure you have sufficient lighting, get your kit ready, separate each panel into sections, apply with little to no pressure in a cross hatch pattern, wait for the oil slick to stop then buff off (X2 microfibres minimum). Repeat around whole vehicle taking time to make sure all parts are covered that the coating is meant for.

I have personally applied the coating to all painted areas, exhausts, metals, bumpers, plastics and BMW cerium covered parts with fantastic results.


Wait 1 hour after application and apply Quick Detailer Pro and the vehicle can get wet immediately!

To my knowledge their isn’t another coating out there like it!

How many towels do you use?

Simple answer is, use what you feel works!

I use short pile microfibres they seem to work well for me, 2 is normally enough, but should you feel the cloth starting to saturate, discard and used a new one.

Always wipe first after flashing point, then a second to buff a little further to insure a nice even finish.

Do you use the supplied microfibre applicator pad?

Yes! By using the supplied pad a little product can go a very long way!

You don’t need to load up the microfibre pad after the initial loading, a simple “dot” per full/half panel is enough.

One of the best thing I find by using the pads is you can feel the panel beneath it allowing you to follow contours with ease.

Is it as good as they say?

Easy application, great depth of gloss, fantastic water behaviour, and an element of self healing with 2 years durability. This is now the main coating option offered by True Reflection.


What’s the interior ceramic like?

My detailing kit has now been reduced by at least 4 products. Being lucky enough to have been sent this product before release I can honestly say I love it!

Applied more or less the same as the exterior coating on the last buff off be sure to let the cloth do the work to achieve a fantastic finish, that does not affect the existing finish of all surfaces (leather/ carpets/door cards and all plastic surfaces).

A must for every serious detailer, offering interior detailing as a service.

Thank you Russell

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