Somehow it’s been a year since we launched The UK’s Favourite Detailer. Where did 2018 go?

This year we’re bringing the competition back, bigger and badder than before but what better way to kickstart the competiton, than to catch up with 2018’s winner Daryl Benfield at Offset Detailing.

How did you hear first hear about Pyramid Car Care and what were your first impressions of the brand?

I think I received some samples to try which I enjoyed using and then getting to try the ceramic coating which works well with customers who need a coating but also need a quick turn around. The quick curing time is great for me.

Professional and down to earth outlook on things, if I have any questions etc they are dealt with quickly. There’s lots of new products out their all claiming to do this and that, PCC products actually work very well.

How would you describe your relationship with Pyramid Car Care?

It’s a good friendly atmosphere – there isn’t any corporate nonsense at all which I like.

In your words, why do you think you won The UK’s Favourite Detailer 2018?

I’ve no idea. I try to post up a lot of my details before, during and after to show people what the process involves, for example you’re here with me working on this vehicle together, instead of the usual big flashy rubbish you see on Instagram. “Here’s a 200k supercar with a full 100% paint correction” but the lights are dimmed and you can’t see a true finish, all that nonsense.

Offset isn’t this big bold flashy unit with all the bells and whistles, shark tanks etc. I tend to keep it pretty simple.

It has the right tools, products and a laid back but professional approach to what people want when they book their cars in be it a supercar, a business lease or a daily run around, everyone is treated the same. I’m here doing my thing, each car I’d like it to come out the best it can be, even if it’s a single stage machine polish, I tend to refine things more than a single stage, usually ends up taking longer but the finish is better and that’s pride in your work. There isn’t any huge ego’s or anything like that. I like proper things yeah, but do a great job and that will show through, so I guess people saw that from what I put online and voted I guess?

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a detailing business in 2019?

Don’t get sucked in by marketing hype. So many people claiming to have the best this, that and the other, 99% of the time it’s white labelled products and is just rebadged, it’s mostly from the same manufacturer. I’ve always liked things that aren’t exactly common knowledge but are completely awesome.  Also never cave in to idiots who say “well my mate can do it cheaper” you best crack on with that then haha. Every one is a detailer now and they are mostly terrible. I have cars coming in that look like a bombs gone off from some mobile detailer and coatings that haven’t been applied correctly. People think you can do all this in a day and on a driveway with a marquee. It just doesn’t work like that.

What Have been your favourite detailing jobs in 2018?

There’s been some proper back breakers.

I do love things that are obscenely loud and low.

I always like working on a 911 for example that 1980’s Targa that had 12,000 miles from new and the same owner for the past 900 years that was a bit of a jewel, new M4’s are always cool, Cars that are unusual colours are always interesting to work on. I have a repeat customer who’s been coming to me for a long time with his awesome show cars and supercars, it’s always exciting to see what he brings down or has built.

Do You have any exciting plans for the future of Offset Detailing?

Retired in the next four months,  sipping Vodka Tonics in Puerto Banus shouting at people leaning against my Lambo parked up on the harbour having their picture taken, getting finger marks all over it.

I’ll however most probably be washing down a car in freezing temperatures ready for it’s detail haha.

As long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing, that’s cool with me.

Watch this space…

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