At Pyramid Car Care, we’re always collaborating with businesses that resonate with our passion for automotive, which is why we’re delighted to share the upcoming Dyno Power Run Days at The Vehicle Doctor, car remapping and tuning specialists based in the heart of Worcestershire.

Dyno Run Days at The Vehicle Doctor is an opportunity for you to discover how much power your car can unleash. Using a state-of-the art DYNOMAX 4X4 Dyno, the expert team guide you through the whole process, ensuring your vehicle is safely mounted on the Dyno Machine for its run.

Following its mount, the team will begin the run and measure your vehicle’s performance, which culminates in a complimentary report detailing its capabilities – providing insights into how Remapping, Tuning and Turbocharging can elevate the power.

Watch The Dyno in action — featuring Pyramid Car Care’s very own M2!

Upcoming Dyno Run Days

  • Saturday, 25th May 2024
  • Saturday, 29th June 2024
  • Thursday, 5th October 2024
  • Friday, 16th November 2024

Dyno Days run from 08:00am to 18:00pm. When you book, you will get a 30-minute slot which includes multiple runs on the 4X4 Dyno, a free performance report and insights into Remapping, Tuning and Turbocharging options.

To book a slot on an upcoming Dyno Day, please visit, call 01386 291059 or email

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