In this blog post we take a look at the reasons for protecting a new vehicles paintwork, the pro’s and cons of Waxes, Sealants and Ceramic Coating, and why Pyramid Car Care’s Premium Ceramic Coating is the best choice for new cars.

Should you protect the paintwork of your new car?

With all of the technology and advances in automotive paint it may come as a surprise that manufacturers don’t apply paint protection to vehicles before they leave the factory. From the minute a car leaves the factory, it’s paintwork is susceptible to a range of factors which can adversely affect it and detract from the perfect finish you would expect of a new car.

Environmental factors (such as acid rain, UV rays and tree sap), bird droppings, iron contamination, dirt, grime, tar and glue as well as poor wash technique (keep reading for more on that) are just a few factors that can have a detrimental affect on a vehicles paintwork.

Combined these factors can cause swirl marks, scratches and make paintwork look dull and faded – remedial work can often be completed to reverse the damage but this can be costly.

Adding a Wax, Sealant or Ceramic Coating can help to avoid damage and wear and tear by creating a sacrificial layer between your vehicles paintwork and the elements. This is often the reason a well maintained 10 year old car will look better than a poorly cared for 6 month old car with no protection.


Surely a new car is bubble wrapped for delivery from factory to dealership? I think not.

When manufacturers are producing so many cars, they are focused on speed of delivery not perfection of paintwork. Small imperfections on brand new cars are common, and are down to time. If manufacturers had to perfect and protect every single car that came off the production line it would cost manufacturers £millions in time and money. Sanding marks are common, and true clarity is rarely achieved.

New cars typically don’t get delivered straight away, a special order can take anywhere from 5 to 12 weeks to be delivered to your dealership – and that’s for a vehicle which has already been ordered. It stands to reason that new cars which aren’t being made to order, could take longer.

What does the journey look like from factory to dealer? There’s transportation to a shipping port, where it might wait weeks exposed to salty air, it’s then shipped overseas, and then it arrives in the UK where it’s most commonly transferred to a warehouse for storage before being transported to a dealership where it may be stored in another warehouse or put on display. Throughout this journey a new car is exposed to all of the factors we discussed in the previous section of this blog post, and more.


Nobody will ever take as much care as you!

Incorrect decontamination and poor cleaning practice is the number 1 cause of swirl marks and scratches.

A dealership’s priority is to sell as many cars as possible, a new car will commonly be washed 1-2 times at the dealership, often by a valeter employed by the dealership being paid minimum-wage. Like manufacturers, dealerships suffer a similar fate. Time is money. When a valeter has to clean 10 cars on the forecourt – do you really think they’ll take the care and consideration you will? No.

A new car will always look it’s best on display at the dealership thanks to the overwhelming excitement of buying a new car and unfortunately in some cases because of the high-silicone products used to hide small imperfections. After a few washes, or a deep clean these imperfections come to light. 90% of people are happy with this or don’t notice these small imperfections, the reason you are reading this article is because you are 1 of the 10% and you want your vehicle to look it’s very best.

Nobody will ever take the care you will when cleaning and perfecting your vehicles paintwork, unless of cause you take your car to a professional detailer whose priority is to make your car look as good as new, or better!

Once you’ve purchased your new car and got it home, we recommend a thorough clean and decontamination, dependent on whether your car requires paint correction due to swirl marks, scratches or other imperfections, this should be immediately followed by applying paint protection to your new vehicle with a wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

Should you use Wax, Sealant or Ceramic Coating?

The advances over the last few years have been amazing, paint protection has come on leaps and bounds from the days of waxes. Over the last 5 years sealants with 12 months durability have become common, all offering great results for small outlay. More recently Ceramic Coatings have become commonplace – offering a long lasting layer of protection and super hydrophobic (water repellent) properties which also dramatically enhance gloss. Unfortunately Ceramic Coating has been out of reach for many due to the requirement of special training, special tools and the difficult nature of its application – however that is no longer the case but before we tell you about a game changing Ceramic Coating, take a look at some of the pros and cons of the most common paint protection products: waxes, sealants and ceramic coating.


  1. Easy to apply
  2. Cheap
  3. Usually lasts up to 3 months
  4. Gives a warm gloss
  5. Traditionally used
  6. You can apply multiple coats
  1. Low durability and short life time
  2. Very limited chemical resistance
  3. No scratch resistance
  4. Effected by heat
  1. As easy to apply as a wax
  2. Relatively cheap
  3. Can last up to 12 months
  4. More hydrophobic than a wax
  5. Generally more resistant to chemicals than waxes
  1. Medium durability and life time
  2. No scratch resistance
  3. Generally cannot be layered
Ceramic Coating
  1. High durability and usually lasts for multiple years
  2. Up to 9h scratch resistance
  3. Resistant to chemicals
  4. superior hydrophobic properties
  5. Unrivalled gloss enhancement
  1. Traditionally more difficult to apply and requiring special training
  2. Traditionally requiring special equipment
  3. Traditionally takes 12 hours or more to cure
  4. Traditionally requires the application of two products
  5. And usually a further week before you can wash the vehicle again
  6. More expensive than wax and sealants
  7. Difficult to remove once applied


Introducing a game-changing Ceramic Coating from Pyramid Car Care

Pyramid Car Care Premium Ceramic Coating has been developed to provide the features and benefits expected of leading Ceramic Coatings as well as removing the barriers to use associated with many leading Ceramic Coatings including:

  1. No training needed – as easy to apply as a Wax or Sealant
  2. No special equipment needed – just Premium Ceramic Coating and a microfiber applicator pad (which comes free with every order*)
  3. Cures in just 4 hours and you can wash your car again after just 3 days
  4. Just 1 product – 1 application (you can use a secondary layer for longer durability and enhanced scratch resistance but it isn’t necessary)
  5. Premium Ceramic Coating is just £69.99, making it cheaper than many leading Ceramic Coatings when you factor in the cost of buying the 2 products necessary for application
  6. Premium Ceramic Coating is just 2 microns thick so you can polish or compound the coating off

Our Ceramic Coating works differently to traditional waxes and sealants. It bonds with your vehicles paintwork and metal, sealing microscopic valleys to form an extremely durable semi permanent crystal clear coating 1600 times harder than traditional waxes for a genuine long term protection, which requires no maintenance other than washing.

A full list of specifications:

Use / applicationsExterior surfaces: paint, metal, exhaust, stainless steel, wheels and calipers
Durability / Length of protection2-6 years high gloss protection
Scratch resistance9h scratch resistance
UV protectionMaximum protection against UV rays to prevent fading
Chemical resistantExtremely resilient to solvents, weathering, and general wear and tear.
Also protects against
  • Acid rain
  • Bird droppings and bird lime
  • Hot water
  • Cold water, hard snow and frost
  • Solvents
  • Hydrocarbons from exhausts
  • Road salts (and salts in the air)
Suggested quantitiesOne bottle will coat a small car with 2 layers.

A medium car with 1 layer and a secondary layer on some areas more prone to dirt and scratches (i.e. horizontal surfaces, surfaces near the water line, door handles, areas near exhaust tip(s) or wheels).

A large car with 1 layer

Other applicationsCan also be used on trucks, motorhomes, caravans, commercial fleet, boats, and aircraft


Find out what others are saying about our Ceramic Coating

“Curing time for this coating is only a few hours which is great if you are on a tight timescale. The gloss is superb with an added depth to the paintwork. Pearls and metallic paint really pop with this. Water behaviour is extremely good too.”

Daryl Benfield, Offset Detailing, winner of the UK’s favourite detailer competition

“Used ceramic coat yesterday on my Q7 was easy enough to apply but the finish to my car was outstanding very very happy with the look of my car and the bonus is it only needs 4 hours of not getting wet.”

Andrew Byrne

“Guys I have to say this coating is fantastic!! So easy to use and the gloss that it gives is off the scale! This will now be my go to coating due to its fast curing ability’s. Fantastic work all round!!”

Russell Benham, True Reflection


Your questions

Hopefully that answers everything you need to know about using a Ceramic Coating, if you have further questions please ask them in the comments below and we’ll answer them for you.


*Free Microfiber Applicator Pad – we’ll provide 1 free microfiber applicator pad for each bottle of Premium Ceramic Coating ordered from or 1 of our trusted resellers.