In 2021 I helped 3 car detailing businesses with marketing and advertising, delivering over 900 enquiries from people interested in car detailing services.

This year I’ve already delivered 345 enquiries for 4 car detailers in the UK between January and March.

In this post I’m giving you a behind the scenes tour of my top performing marketing channels for car detailing businesses in 2022.

Top performing marketing channels for detailing businesses in 2022

In previous years Organic and Paid Search have outperformed paid social but not today. Combined, these 2 channels delivered 46% of the enquiries.

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is cleaning up this year – delivering 37% of the leads between January-March for car detailers across the UK.

It’s also one of the fastest ways to drive enquiries. From an ad being approved by Facebook you can often see results within days (and sometimes hours) – with the right strategy, creative and website landing page.

It’s not just Facebook too – Facebook Ads allows you to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.


2. Organic Search (or SEO)

25% of the enquiries this year-to-date came from Organic Search.

Organic search has one of the highest ROIs since it doesn’t cost to advertise in the organic results of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

There are 1000s of searches every month, for car detailing services, if you want to be the detailer they call, you need to be in the top 3 results.

“car detailing near me”, “ceramic coating near me” and “PPF near me” are 3 of the top performing keywords, but remember, everyone uses Google differently and there are literally 1000s of different search terms for car detailing services.


3. Paid Search (or Google Ads)

Google Ads came in 3rd place with a strong 20% of leads. Delivering more than direct, offline, organic social and referral combined.

Paid search can be an incredible channel for driving leads and growth or it can be an expensive waste of money (if you don’t know what you’re doing).

If you want to see the true potential of these channels, to grow your detailing business you’ve got 2 options:

  1. Learn to Do-It-Yourself properly or
  2. Hire a pro


Everything else

Direct, referral, organic social and offline sources only account for 17% of the leads and enquiries in 2022.


Marketing by Pyramid Car Care

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Which channels work best to grow detailing businesses and enquiries?


Key phrases

  • Organic search is often referred to as SEO, but we’re really talking about Google since they own a monopoly of the search engine market.
  • Paid search are ads on the search engine and Google Ads is, you guessed it, the number 1 player in this market.
  • Paid social can mean Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads – in this case I’m primarily referring to Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Direct is people who typed into their browser
  • Referrals is any other website that refers traffic to your website
  • Offline is anyone that walks-in, calls or meets at an event and no other tracking is available