To promote the relaunch of our trade account and new look ceramic coating bottles we teamed up with Mark at Enhanced Detailing and Luke Dillon Photography to complete a photoshoot of a freshly detailed Abarth 595, coated with Ceramic Coating Pro and Ceramic Wax.

Thanks for collaborating with us on this photoshoot Mark. Great to see your work first hand!

Abarth 595

This 3 year old Fiat Abarth 595 in solid yellow was detailed by Mark at Enhanced Detailing. It arrived with 13,000 miles on the clock, general condition of the car was ok but swirlmarks were present on the exterior paintwork and light scratches on the passenger door where bushes had brushed along the side of the car.


Over 40 hours of detailing took place to restore the paintwork of this Abarth 595 including two stages of machine polishing and a third stage on the passenger door.

The paintwork and exhaust tips were coated with ceramic Coating Pro, and 24 hours later Ceramic Wax was applied to give the car a finishing touch.

“Once the coating was applied, the colour transformed over 24 hours, to give a deeper gloss and richer yellow colour. After the wax was applied the finish started to look like glass, it was that glossy” – Mark G at Enhanced Detailing.

“The trick with Ceramic Coating Pro is one panel at a time, straight on and straight off” – Mark G at Enhanced Detailing.

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