Meet Nicco’s Chrome Orange NISSAN GT-R. The daddy of Jap cars. Now wearing Ceramic Coating Pro and Premium Ceramic Coating.

After coating Mark’s Audi S5 back in June 2018. We couldn’t leave Nicco waiting much longer, so when he announced his new Type 2 Nissan GT-R35 we agreed to deliver something special and in August 2020 we applied Ceramic Coating Pro followed by a secondary layer of Premium Ceramic Coating.



Type 2 Nissan GT-R35 – “a childhood dream”

In an interview with Yianni, Nicco described the car as “a dream come true” and “a childhood dream”. A car that he drove as a child, on Gran Turismo.

Who remembers the Nissan GT-R Cup on Gran Turismo Sport?!

A few Honda Civic’s and a Type R later, this Jap-obsessed car lover now owns his very own fully-loaded Type 2 Nissan GT-R35 and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Well done bro!

This car has the @libertywalkeu body kit, the bad boy @ipe_exhaust_official exhaust system, and of course as head wrapper and partner at @yiannimize, Nicco upgraded the Nardo Grey paintwork with a custom Chrome Orange wrap with tribal decals. Creating an iconic car that looks and sounds like a Fast and Furious car.

This car even has a special cameo appearance in the new Fast and Furious Crossroads game.


Ceramic Coating application photo on this stunning chrome orange Nissan GTR


A 2-hit Ceramic Coating combo for this chrome orange wrap

We pride ourselves on easy to use coatings, that only require a single layer application, but for Nicco we wanted to go big so we delivered a 2-hit combo of Ceramic Coating Pro and Premium Ceramic Coating.

The combination of the 2, on the already incredibly reflective chrome orange wrap made the whole thing look even glossier than before and delivered instant water repellency unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The water behaviour was what we were really going for with this dual layer application, and within an hour water was beading off the car as fast as we could pour it on.

Having used a single layer coating of Premium Ceramic Coating on Mark’s Audi S5 back in June 2018, we’re confident this application on Nicco’s GT-R35 will stand the test of time and we can’t wait to check in on this one in the coming months.

Check out the water behaviour on the Audi S5.



Hard works pays off!

Nicco has been working, and saving for this car for years. Following his recent promotion to Partner and Senior Head Wrapper at Yiannimize it was finally time to bring home the car of his dreams.

To finish off, we just want to say a MASSIVE WELL DONE to @nicco_yiannimize. Living proof that hard work pays off. You deserve this car and all 690BHP of it.