Looking for handy tips to keep your car clean? Here are our 6 top tips for using Citrus Pre Wash that you may not have thought of….

1. Citrus Pre Wash and Snow Foam

If your vehicle is particularly dirty try adding a small amount of Citrus Pre Wash to your Snow Foam to give it that extra bite, don’t worry Pyramid Car Care Citrus Pre Wash is LSP safe and won’t affect your wax or coating.

2. Bottom, skirts and wheel wells

Before touching your vehicle liberally spray Citrus Pre Wash around the bottom of your vehicle and wheel wells to start breaking down dirt particles that will potentially harm your paint, jet wash off or snow foam over the top, then jet wash off before physically washing the car to reduce the risk of scratching your paintwork.

3. Bugs and bird $#!£

Citrus Prewash doubles up as a brilliant bug remover, simply spray on the affected areas then leave to dwell for a few minutes, before jet washing off. Double Double bonus, spray Citrus Prewash on bird $#!£ and watch it runaway before your eyes – we recommend washing birdlime off sooner rather than later, to avoid any permanent damage to your paintwork.

4. In combination with a soft detailing brush

For particularly dirty vehicles once Snow Foam has been applied to the vehicle spray citrus prewash onto the head of a soft detailing brush and gently clean around badges and shuts, light recesses and under handles, you will be surprised what a difference these extra few minutes will make to the appearance of your vehicle

5. Doors and boot shuts

Citrus Prewash is brilliant for door and boot shuts, jetwash then spray the product and agitate with your detailing brush for a really deep clean.

6. An alternative screen wash

Fed up with bug life all over your windscreen? We’ve all been there, driving home from work, and traditional windscreen wash just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Refill your screenwash bottle with a mix of distilled water and Citrus Pre Wash mixed at a ratio of 10:1 for brilliant cleaning power and no water spots.

Share your tips

Those are our top tips written by Chief Detailing Officer Lee.  Leave a comment below, and let us know how you use Citrus Pre Wash.

Best comments will be featured in a second blog post later this month. Professional detailers and retailers, send us your tips via the contact us page, along with your web addresses, Instagram and Facebook links and we’ll promote your businesses in the blog post.