Our Chief Detailing Officer is at it again. This time with 7 handy tips for a brighter, cleaner shine using Carnauba Shine.

1. A dash of distilled water

When you first start using Carnauba Shine a light spritz of distilled water on your chosen applicator pad makes a little product go an awfully long way, it can also help stop your applicator from grabbing at the paint and cause marring

2. Two peas at a time

You only need 2 small pea sized spots on your applicator pad , don’t saturate the pad with product this will only cause problems when it comes to taking off the product and will cause your applicator pad and microfiber cloth to stop performing as it should. Only apply more as you need it.

3. A uniformed technique

When applying Carnauba Shine apply the product in a uniformed tight circular motion, this will ensure a tight even layered coverage and will give a uniformed beading pattern.

4. No more white marks

Our Carnauba Shine is formulated to ensure that if in the event you accidentally catch black plastic trim or rubber it won’t mark, simply wipe away.

5. Winter is coming

With winter around the corner, and dark nights upon us, a simple layer of Carnauba Shine applied to your front and rear lights will help keep them cleaner for longer and stop road grime clinging to them. Giving you the best possible visibility on your drives home.

6. Reduce cleaning time with Carnauba Shine

Our Carnauba Shine is super hydrophobic, once applied you can safely dry your car with an open hose. Simply start from the top and watch the car magically dry itself. Remember less contact means less chance of swirling.

7. Don’t rub tree sap, let Carnauba Shine do the hard work

Tree sap will kill your paint and sometimes we can’t help but park under trees. Blobs of tree sap shouldn’t be rubbed at, Carnauba Shine is super rich in Brazilian Carnauba oils, simply add a pea sized amount to the end of your finger and gently dab it on the tree sap, leave for a few minutes while the Carnauba oils break down the tree sap then simply wipe away.

Share your tips

Those are our top tips written by Chief Detailing Officer Lee.  Leave a comment below, and let us know how you use Carnauba Shine.

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